Now that's fast food!

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Ever hear of the Roadkill Cafe? their slogan is “you kill it we grill it”

na, never heard it…but this vid makes me want to grow a mullet and start a new business :smiley:

Yeah but if you kill it that way it’s already "grill"ed!:smiley:

I was doing a ride along with a county sheriff and we were rolling down a dirt road pretty fast when a rabbit ran across the road. It must have jumped before he hit it but when he did the eyes shot out onto the glass. The body of the rabbit flew up in the air and mouth came down on the antenna(mouth down the antenna rear end up). I also saw a ford bronco II hit a horse that backed out of a horse trailer while moving down the highway at 65. that was pretty nasty. the driver lived but the horse did not make it.

that’s awesome…when I was in Thailand I was riding with a buddy to the city and we hit a huge white bird. I was dozzing off in the passenger seat and WHAMMMM!!!, all I see is white feathers and red stuff go everywhere. We pulled over and guts were on everything. I’m pertty sure the cars behind us got some too.

long time ago I was riding down a dirt road on a dirtbike next to a buddy of mine when all of a sudden a bird hits him right in the chest. Bird dies and he ends up with a huge bruise on his chest. At least it didn’t hit him in the face.

My turn, my turn…
I was traveling across the Nullarbor desert in Australia (Sydney - Perth), I drove the day shift, my mate the night shift (3 day trip). Every now & then a Kangeroo would shoot across the highway & theres not much chance of seeing them when they come at you from the side - especially when you’re doing 140 mph. If you don’t know - its the longest straightest road in the world (my mate woke me up when there was a bend!!! just to see it).
To make it more bearable we used to drive with an iron rob jammed in the seat & the other end on the accelerator whilst reading the newspaper.

Anyhow stopped at a cafe in the middle of the desert one morning & I got speaking to an Aussie truck driver - he had steel stitches all the way through his neck & I had to ask. He told me that a roo had passed in front smashed off his bull-bars through the windscreen & in its last death throes had manage to scrape through his neck - hence the stitches.
They are still considered pests out there. I think they limit it to pet food though. Funnily enough I had Kangeroo meat - it might have changed since?
Don’t start me on wombats…

Dude thats crazy

What were you guys driving?

A Holden Station Wagon I think - or a pickup - can’t remember - I’ll have to hunt out the photo’s of the bight & desert. I remember a sign about Aliens & disappearances!!