NV200 - Good for business?

I was thinking about getting transit connect for my window washing business but recently I have started shifting towards NV200.
NewCa.com: 2013 Canadian AutoShow: Nissan Commercial Van - YouTube
It looks like it would be perfect for small crew (1-2) residential work. What do you guys think about that Nissan? If you got Transit Connect - how is it working out for you? Whats are the pros and cons or getting van like that vs. for instance truck? Im using V8 Dodge Dakota and I live in the rural area so have to drive a bit. Gas savings would be huge I would imagine, anything else?

We contemplated getting a Ford Transit Connect until we checked to see what the insurance rates would be. The rates were going to be twice that of a larger Chevy Van. I would check the ins. rates and compare. The mileage is good if you can get everything you need inside the smaller vehicle, but if you end up overloading the vehicle to get all your equipment in you will loose the gas savings as the engine has to work harder than intended due to the load. We also looked at the NV2000 and decided that the US version was to new to get any real performance data and longevity reports. The difference in cost between the FTC and the Nissan NV200 were less than the Chevy 1500 van we ended up buying, but all things considered we think we made the right choice for our business with the Chevy Express 1500.

Another thing to consider is what ladder rack will you be able to get for each vehicle. We like the System One Racks and at the time they were not available for either the FTC or the Nissan NV200.

If its the same size as a ‘93 euro van I would say heck ya. I got my sectional ladder in there and my wfp and pure water cart, buckets, towels chemicals, belts, hoses, room for two and only thing I need is a ladder rack for 32’ extension ladders but I only use it once in a while like 3-4 times per year right now because I can usually do everything with my wfp or my 24’ sectional metallic ladder.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your inside. As I said im not in the hurry just trying to make the right choice when its time. Im looking forward to taking my business full time and move away from my day job. Thanks

This one seems smaller that the model that came out a year ago or so. I haven’t seen it yet. I like the original model but not so much the taller one if you use a ladder rack. I would be interested in seeing the new one. I hope it’s avail in the US. Does anyone know? I see that the video was from Canada.