Obama on Window Cleaning

The title was just to hook you into checking out this thread. (too bad we couldn’t do that in our own advertising)

Anyways, today is the day for change. Whether it be good, whether it be bad. Change is imminent!

For our sake as small business owners what we must hope for is an economy that will at very least stabilize and not deteriorate any further. Like many of you I have a wealth of political opinions that I could lay out but it won’t change a thing. We are captives of the powers that be and that is why I’m hoping the change that is occurring today is one for the better.

I agree

But you can. All my fliers and on-line ads have titles designed to hook people in. And yours should too. :wink:

hooks are good if they are relative to the service, offer or benefit. Normally they fail badly in ads if non relative-

[B][COLOR=“Red”]Man Chews Off Baby Toe And Runs After Geese[/COLOR][/B]

We at Johnny’s Shiny Windows have been serving…

That would get 0 interest and they would not read anything past the first sentence.

Where in the world did you think up that one???!!! You are Funny!!


Check out these photos of the inauguration… we look like ants… (people that is)

we look like patches of green grass

who’s that hot chick by the tree?

Maybe I come here not only to learn, but get a good laugh!:smiley:

Joie - N. CA

//youtu.be/- YouTube

you mean that one…ARHHH!!!

shes hot

Not to offend any anyone here but why all these Obama “Andy Warhol” type pics everywhere? Its kinda freakin me out.


Obama on Window Cleaning

That’s funny! Making it shine in front of 300 million eyes!