Odd situation but too funny to not share!

Ok so have you ever seen another window cleaner in action while in public and decided to watch him out of curiousity? Maybe curious about how he does things or what tools he uses, set up etc? Ok so I drove past a gas station earlier and saw a dude cleaning windows or at least it looked that way from a far :laughing: I pull up and park, the curious little mofo I am and I start watching this kid. I then immediately notice that in his hand is a floor squeegee and a bottle of simple green!! :joy: So I’m watching this kid destroy these windows and then realize he is not an actual window cleaner, he works at the gas station. I then had a moment of overwhelming discomfort come over me and I got out of the car and went inside. I took a business card inside and told the owner I couldn’t stand to see this anymore and that I would clean his windows for a good price (even though I’m booked) lol he busts out in tears of laughter and said, “they look really bad, we were in here taking bets on how long he would keep going before he realized that is a floor squeegee for the bathroom” hahahaha I died laughing guys, I couldn’t help myself. I clean their windows Friday, needless to say. I felt like Bobby Boucher on the water boy when he was like “I will work for you for free, I will serve your players for free as long as you don’t contaminate them with this foul liquid anymore” :joy: Of course I don’t work for free but you get the story.


At the company I worked before we would go out of our way to watch another window cleaner then yell at him about how he was doing it wrong, I friend of mine every time he drove past a window cleaner would yell out “Get a real job” while in a fully wrapped van that had window cleaning all over it.


Jeez, you startled me when I started reading. Where was I yesterday? What was I doing? Then I read that I was in the clear - anything stupid that I may (or may not) have done will stay offline…


I do the same thing sometimes. Not cause I really care what they are up to, but sometimes it helps to renew confidence in MY prices and service.

Worst I have seen was some slob (not an employee) cleaning windows at a Target store, above the entry way, on top of a 6 foot step ladder, using just a spray bottle and an 8 inch squeegee.

Thats pretty funny!

A quick story, I was getting my hair cut one day, and then this window cleaner walked in… he cleaned all of the mirrors inside, he walked right in front of me, and I was just staring at him. He had a super crazy technique… but he spilled his solution on me. That was the only time I’ve ever seen a window cleaner in public. It was just super embarrassing from his business standpoint.


Thats funny! Sounds like something I would have done.

I’ll stop and watch if I have time. Even though it’s rare for me to clean anymore