Office blocks..large office blocks


I am presently chasing a few real big boys at the moment…
we’re talking large office blocks…country headquarters of big brand name companies…chasing with little success though.

Of course i am having problems in getting to speak to the right people…

i mean there are usually 200 plus office workers working for these companies…

So my question…how do you find the right person working within the organization who has the authorization to give you work or agree a contract.

These are big international business who have the money to spend but how can i gain these obviously huge commercial accounts.

Where do i start? it is i am just politely told to go away as soon as i make any contact with these people

Usually larger buildings will have an In-House maintenance department or even a house-keeping department, Call the main number and ask the receptionist to pass you thru to the person in charge of maintenance,
I have found that if you sound ****ed-off and are looking for somebody to rectify a problem then you get thru a little quicker, of course once you get thru its all sweetness and light:D

Thanks mc’boy…thats interesting…and if they say that they don’t have a maintanance department, what then…do i speak to a manager?

Any one have any other thoughts?

Just start cleaning them, and invoice them:) :slight_smile:


Might just get away with it…lol:D

And if they say, “Hey, why are you cleaning the windows”, you tell them because they needed to be cleaned…they can’t argue that :slight_smile:

Also adding “now write me a big fat cheque:p”

As stated earlier, by macroomboy, most companies of that size will in fact have some form of a maintenance department. Walking into an establishment like that can prove to be quite difficult. Usually you need an appointment, need to be signed in, visitor’s cards/escort etc. And most people in corporate settings don’t take to kindly to you just strolling in off the street without an appointment, though it can work on occasion. So it’s always best to get someone on the phone first. Just place a call, you’ll probably get a phone directory of some sort that can lead you to the right department or just go for the operator and ask for the facilities director. Any dealings with accounts of this size that I’ve had, the facilities director has always been the one to sign off on the work. Best of luck with it!