Office Manager?

At what point do you think an admin person should be hired ? Not a wife or a girlfriend but an employee who handles the phone, scheduling,emailing and faxing of estimates, payroll, bookkeeping,payables, receivables and can answer any question I may have from the field. I’m thinking of letting mine go to cut costs. But am concerned about my efficiency we do commercial and residential. thanks your comments or questions are invited


How many employees? How much time after 5:00 pm are you working? Are you organized? Do you understand taxes ( who does?) and other administrative things that go along with operating a business? Take for example a guy I rent property from. I know without a doubt that I can miss my rent for a month or more and he would not even realize it until maybe the end of the year. He has a home repair business and has probably 5 employees and no secretary. I am assuming he does the bookkeeping at night on his etch-a-sketch and works all day. Now I am exceedingly honest and would never be able to live with myself if I tried to screw him out of rent. :slight_smile: Without organization or follow-up, I would bet that things are getting missed.

You know everything does need more cowbell! :slight_smile:

Having someone answering the phone will bring in far more money then you will save by letting the office manager go. I have found most people looking for services want to make a call and be done, if they have to wait for you to call back you may loose the job to someone who answers the phone call.

I would agree with what Mr Hadaway said… A lot of it also depends on your goals. Where do you see your self in a few years? Do you want to ramp the business up or scale it back? Do you have time in the day for administrative stuff?

I’m constantly reminding myself “when cutting operating expenses, never cut so deep that it hinders your day to day operations”

Good Point Bill!

Hitting the nail on the head! This may be a good time to rethink new goals and expectations from the office manager. Are they doing what they are hired for? I know here our office manager does a ton of cold calling and that can be a drain everyday. Point is, it is her job to do it and if she can’t I will find someone who can. I think at one point you found the need for office staff and unless the work has gone way down you are still in need of that position to be filled. Do you keep goals or stats for your employees? I keep stats for all my employees and even myself. I find it a good way to sort out who is doing bad, fair, or exceptional. If the stats are just steady flat line or going down there is a problem. This usually points to something the person is unhappy about. Cutting a person in this position could be very difficult. How will it affect you is also a good thing to think about. Sure will save some money but how are you going to feel pushing 50-60+ hours a week, will it affect your primary duties? I guess what I am trying to say is that when I feel I need to cut this deep I have to watch myself. Is this thought of cuts do to money or is it me not doing my job to motivate the office or could it be the staff not doing their job? 9 times out of 10 it’s either me or the staff and the money is just the excuse I tack on it. Hope this helps you. getting rid of people sucks.