Oh Sandy!

WCR worked remotely during the hurricane the past 2 days. We finally got power back at the warehouse last night and we are back to work as normal today…

This was a pretty crazy storm… Lots of people in our area are stranded at home because of down trees and power outages. I still have no power at my house but it looks like it may be back this week.

Below are a few photos from my yard.

Window cleaning work at ACWC is a bit slow this week as so many people dont have phone or power service…

But at least this accelerated gutter cleaning season a bit. We should be able to start a week or so early.

Glad you all are OK Chris! Wow, what a crazy storm!!
Nice to give us the positive :slight_smile:
gutter cleaning season starts early on the East coast!

Tough season in the east, huh? Glad you’re managing, Chris.
We got spared the really bad stuff. The calm center was over my area for a very long time. .78" rain at my house and nothing but a few seconds of power loss Monday night.

Glad all is O.K. Now what kind of “Sandy” sale are you guys havin? :rolleyes:

Not your play house! Anything but the play house, oh the humanity!!!

Glad everyone’s ok

Alex just called me and said that my order was going to take a little extra time getting out because you just got power back and UPS is still under water. I can wait on a new brush head and a gooseneck if that is the worst of my problems. Thank you very much for the heads up, no stress here on a delayed order. I hope that you are all ok and that everyone else around you is able to put things back together over the next few days/weeks.

Yeah. It looks like all the leaves are off the trees with a little help.

Chris. How far are you from the coast?

About 45 minutes

The world ends in 51 days, are you having any kind of clearance sale?

Yeah free pure water systems with any purchase of $15 or more, oh and free shipping too. Lol


For reals player? I’m all in!

Im gonna move to Sussex County and work at ACWC lol

Its bad around here. I rode out the storm im NYC and came.home today…

I should have stayed in NYC. Not only was the storm devastation intense here,
But now an oil tanker has spilled 300k gallons of diesel fuel in the water 3 miles from my house.

Im expecting the zombies to rise any minute now.

Has anyone heard from Ray Juggernaut? He is in the worst of it.

[B]He is in Afghanistan at the moment, is looking to be back in NJ sometime in January 2013. [/B]

Glad all is well. Now you know what we go through in Louisiana. Hope you guys get power at your house soon! Take care man

Provost Services
Chad Provost

Guess I wont be complaining about Iowa winter weather anymore. Glad you guys are ok.


We got it first w/ 20 - 35 MPH winds and I’m 1.5 hr from the East coast, needless to say I wasn’t doing any roof cleanings during this time period.

Between the high winds - rain it was mostly interior windows, w/ a driveway pressure cleanings to fill the gaps.

Now, it’s catch up time - busy weeks ahead.

Congrats on the wedding!
Send 'em my best!

Give a couple a fallen down limbs to that dog of yours, they’ll make get fetch sticks and firewood.