Oil Flo

Bought my first bottle of Oil Flo. Have been told to wet a white pad and use it to help remove stickers on ccu.

What do you use Oil Flo for? How do you apply it?

Good topic John. I bought some Oil Flo last year and have not been impressed with it. I have tried using it on silicone, stickers, paint and to me it does not work as good as goo gone and smells bad too…

I am looking forward to see what others use if for.


I keep a bottle of Oil-Flo on the truck but I try to avoid using it. It smells awful. It’s not too good with silicon because it basically just smears it all over the place. Thank God for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser!

I don’t remember what I actually use Oil-Flo for. I guess I’ve been good at avoiding using it.:slight_smile:

I’ve used it on projects where there was masonry sealer overspray on the windows. I used it w/ a white pad. It worked great! I love the stuff. If I need to remove silicone I use Dicone NC-9 from Prosoco or talcum powder and steel wool. If I need to remove stickers I use my scraper and a white pad for the residue. Quick and sic!:wink:

bought some last year and the bottle is still nearly full. There really isn’t anything one can use it for that isn’t already quicker with a razor and steel wool. I tried it during construction clean and it just made the job longer and more difficult (because you go through a lot more solution just trying to clean the oil flo off). I guess there are plenty of people out there who love the stuff, so if it works for you great!

I tried a razor on the masonry sealer and it was no good. Without the Oil-Flo I would have been at it for hours.

Tony, would you mind to elaborate a little bit more on the NC-9 and talcum ?

BTW, is that a new color on your logo ?

The NC-9 should be used by itself and so should the talcum. If the silicone is fresh and on the window I use talcum to dry it up and rub it off the windows. If it’s dried on the glass the NC-9 will work better.

The logo is from my friend that designed it for me and I had him send me a couple new files so I cna have some shirts and caps embroidered.