Oil Stains?

I am not into power washing so I am going to ask. any of you have luck removing oil stains out of driveways? Is it posible? nice big stains that have been there about 6 months? Do you use any special chems/ hot water? Thanks

This may interest you…

That is sweet! My truck decided to mark its spot and dump 16 quarts of oil all over the driveway. needless to say I cleaned the big mess but the concrete is still stained. Now that I have the time on my handds I thought about doing something about it.

Those were cool Karl! I may have to look into it. Thanks.


Oil dives into the surface of concrete rather quickly so it is very possible that an oil stain will not come out. I took one out of a customers driveway last summer using the above chemical, hot water and a surface cleaner. Charge accordingly and I would sway from making promises.

If the oil has been on the surface for any significant amount of time and is thick, chances are you will not get the stain out.

most of all oil stains will not come out, they will make the stains a little lighter in color but they will always be there, and if you paint over it the stain will come through the concrete.

Do you happen to drive a tank or something? 16 quarts is ridiculous haha. I think you exagerate.:smiley:

I drive a ford f350 Diesel. Holds 16 quarts of nice heavy duty motor oil. makes oil changes fun…good thing I only have to do them every 5000 miles.

great googley moogley!