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Hi Folks. Need a laugh? Here is a local ad I found. Will pay by the hour. I want $800 for this job. What are your thoughts? Notice the way they just kinda snuck in “Clean every window, inside and out.”

Help needed to deep clean recently renovated home, each room:

  1. Dust all fans/clean light fixtures 2. Dust all corners 3. Wipe every window sill 4. Clean every window, inside and out 5. Clean floors/remove all paint spots + dry afterwards 6. Clean banisters in halls & stairs (on the sides of carpet) 7. Dust vents 8. Pledge/Dust furniture 9. Clean bathrooms & kitchen 10.Vacuum carpet
    Rooms to clean: (1) Master Bedroom (2) Child’s Bedroom (3) Guest-room (4) Master bath
    (5) Guest bath (6) Great-room (7) Library (8) Sunroom (9) Kitchen (10) Rec Room and half bath

What they want is a maid/janitorial service. Those types of services don’t clean glass very well, let alone clean glass above what they can reach from ground level.

Let me guess, they offered 10 bucks an hour “cash”?

I am not a janitor…

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Don’t know. Listing is 3 days old. Cheap I am sure. You get what you pay for. Tons of work, a crew would be better.

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Man. I do not miss house cleaning one bit. Especially the move-in/move-out or post construction cleaning. Towards the end of our time in that venture, we were charging $35/man hour, and most people would look at me like I had two heads, lol.

Apart from pitiful pay, the thing that really got to me was the attitude of most customers toward housecleaning. There was a subtle air of condescension. Most would talk to me more like a babysitter than a contractor.

And I have witnessed this same phenomenon happen to other housecleaners, while I’m there doing the windows. They could be the nicest window cleaning customers I have, and they still manage to talk down to their housecleaners somehow. It’s usually subtle, but quite detectable once you’ve experienced it a few times. Really weird :thinking:



Yes Sir. That’s why I posted; the tone seemed very demanding and not pleasant. I actually responded, but had some fun, saying I was very interested, and that I am a professional window cleaner. The neighborhood is quite nice and a good possible prospect. But it’s also about 20-30 miles from my house. No response, I’m glad. The customers I have are very nice people and treat me well as they respect what I do, pay well, and are appreciative of the results. Thanks Alex.


Here’s another great company meeting all your janitorial needs. They pay 7.25 an hour, 3 to 4 hours a day; taking care of huge courthouses and local government buildings,"…for a fraction of what other companies charge."
Cleaning Services

Building Pressure Washing
Interior / Exterior Window Cleaning
Parking Lot / Garage Cleaning
Gazebo / Patio / Sidewalk Cleaning
Upholstery / Window Treatments Cleaning
HVAC Vent / Grill Cleaning

Wonder if they have any turnover?