Old Carpenter + New Winidow Cleaner

Hello everyone,
I’m Dennis71220. I’m 48 yrs old and been doing carpentry work for the past 25 yrs or so. I wanted to get into a profession that I could enjoy and make some money. I bought a rotovac carpet cleaning machine and thought I could add window cleaning to the mix. Just bought a unger kit and Im ready. Any suggestions to increase my buisness understanding would be great. Happy New Year.

Welcome aboard Dennis!

Start reading everything you can on both technical and marketing subjects here.

Educate yourself about fabricating debris.


Leverage your current contacts and customer base to expand into the window cleaning sector.

First of all welcome we all started somewhere. Larry’s insight is great. Read all you can and ask questions. When you started being a carpenter you didnt go to Lowes buy a hammer and call yourself a carpenter. You cant buy an Unger Kit and call yourself a window cleaner either. However, we are here to help you succeed in any way we can. Maybe we can pick your brain a little too. I would like to know about that Rotovac.

I think that you have done the best thing any window cleaner can do when starting out. You came here. Great choice. That already shows you have some idea of what you’re getting into.

Everything that Larry, Draper have said is wonderful advice. My little piece is: To not give up when you get discouraged about window cleaning.

From not getting the jobs you really wanted to finding that you suck as a window cleaner, you will get to the “point of no return”. You’re in too deep to bail out, and you have the burning desire to do more, but you are kind of stuck. There you’ll need be persitent, steadfast, and sometimes bull-ish to get what you want. Good news is you’ll get through it. Keep trying. You didn’t get to be a carpenter for 20+ years by ****ing and moaning every time you missed the nail head, right?

Point is…don’t give up, ever. Good Luck.

Welcome from another former carpenter turned window cleaner!
You’ve already gotten some great advice from the guys. I’d only emphasize the importance of Larry’s tip on fabricating debris. Nothing else can end your bix before it gets started. Make sure you’re up to speed on that issue.

Hi Dennis and welcome,

Do you know how to clean windows yet? I say that because it does take some mastering to do well and make money.

If you do not have much experience with all that is window cleaning, you may find it hard to price the service. Window cleaning is something that seems like a great add-on as it is cheap to start, but we are paid for time. And if we are selling our time at a premium because we are “professionals”, we better be good at it.

I would go into it slow and get your technique down (and all the other little things you will learn… and there is plenty), then start to advertise it more.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on the carpet cleaning first, get that up to steam, then worry about adding a totally different service requiring a totally different skill-set, or just find someone good to sub it out to.

I would maximize my marketing and up-sell carpet and floor related services before trying this. Build a tasty list of clients to offer your NEW service to later.

Of course that is just my opinion

good luck either way!

Thank you for your advice and welcoming attitude.

Any advice given is welcome and taking as good advisment. Over the years as a carpenter, I have trained men to build homes and remodel. Some took advice as it was ment, to teach them to do things right the first time. (measure twice cut once.) I plan to take my work ethic and stubborn disposition and apply it to my new endevour. I have bought several book on the subject, and have some experience with fabracating debris. I have installed countless windows and at the end of the job, had to clean the windows as the last step in the punch out list. So, the plan is to watch as many videos as I can and read all the books on the subject. I am working now on my old customers and trying to sell them first. I live in a small town where every one knows every one. The word has already got out. Im getting calls already…" I heard you were cleaning windows and cleaning carpets come talk to me" So the Lord willing I will do my best…I ll let you all know how it goes.

There is a vast resource of video education right here on WCR. Make sure not to forget this valuable [B]resource[/B]!:wink: