Old people

is there a free way to find out the neighborhoods that have more older people?

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“Old People.”
(and how do I find them?)

Stay classy. :rolleyes:


That gives me an idea for an awesome keyword that I’ve never thought of before…
“Young, disrespectful schleps who clean windows”


Why? You like working for customers on a fixed income? Most of our best/highest paying customers are working professionals who pay for our services because they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

i know they flock to moth balls and love fiber

Hope that helps

I was going to say buffets. But then I realized that to a lot of people I’m now old. You sort of freak out when you discover that the karate kid is 54 and you start to wonder when the shift occurred.

Pretty soon the old people will be the ones with the boomin systems playing Def Leppard and Dr. Dre. Anybody see my cassette organizer? I know I left it here somewhere.

Thanks for sharing that about the karate kid…Thanks a lot

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I’m going to be 60 on Tuesday you could just come to my house
I have noticed recently that people sort of see me less . I think the older you get the less people notice you
I think it’s because young people are all potential and people want to see what they’re going to do so theyget noticed
The older you get the more your potential decreases. It’s kind of depressing
I do notice however older women checking me out big time

My dear old dad told me that on the inside you’ll always feel 17 and every time you look in the mirror it’s a surprise

The water fed pole came around. At just the right time for me, because I can still do all these monstrous houses and not leave the ground. My balance hasn’t t changed. But my reaction time has slowed. Great to use the new tools get better results and not go up on my ladders.
I do think though that over time. The decreased difficulty of the trade will cause downward price pressure. People will enter the trade who had been kept away previously by the ladder work. Many houses that used take 5 hours now take 3, and with little risk.this is very attractive especially in the world we have today where there’s no loyalty anywhere, and everyone’s a scam artist.Working for yourself is much more attractive, and now you can get good health insurance for $250 a month, people don’t need to hold a job for the benefits.

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KK is 54!! wow… what is mr miagi (spelling?)… is he still alive?

wipe on - wipe off… wipe on - wipe off…

Yeah, I know how you feel.

You mean Arnold from happy days? He died in 2005.

Aw man, that hurt my ears/eyes.

Wax on/Wax off, Daniel san

I said sweep. The. Leg.

Put him in a body bag, Johnny!!! Anyone think that line was a little over the top? I mean, it’s a karate tournament for cryin out loud…

Have you guys ever watched How I Met Your Mother?

Barney (Neil Patric Harris) loves the Karate Kid.
The “Karate Kid” is his idol.

[U]The Karate Kid IS Johnny Lawrence, get your head out of your ass, Lilly[/U].


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How else would you know who won? It was the 80’s. Kids were tougher back then. No car seats, no bike helments… a little toy called “lawn darts” pretty much sums up our childhood.

But my grandpa’s generation thought we were wusses: you’re 15 and still living at home? Grow up kid.

NPH is hillarious. For a gay guy he sure plays a ladies man. Dr. Horrible is the ONLY musical that I truly enjoyed - I even play it on my way to route work. “I’ve got to be more careful what I say on this blog. Apparently Captain Hammer AND the LAPD are among our viewers… Captain Hammer threw a car at my head.”

lol @ where to find old people o.O