Old Super Channel vs. New Super Channel

What is the difference, if any, between the old, discontinued model and the newer models? Thanks.

I had one of the old and still have one of the new Ettore Super Channels in the 18" size.

On the old one the rubber did not protrude out from the channel enough so it would skip over any variations in the glass and leave solution on the surface.

With the new one the rubber protrudes out too far from the channel. Very sloppy compared to other channels that have just the right amount of rubber protruding out from the channel.

They both suck really badly. Get yourself a Slayer for the larger size channels.

Thanks for the help! How does the Alumax compare to other wide channels?

I only heard one or two people even speak of them and if memory serves me correctly they didn’t have a favorable opinion of them.

I’ve never used the Alumax channels but always thought they looked cool in the pictures in the catalogs I have.

For wide body channels I’ve always liked th

We use our 20" Alumax squeegees quite a bit.
They’re heavy duty aluminum ( maybe too heavy for some folks), but we like the way they finish on a 2" frame. The rubber stays on the the glass all the way to the edge.
I got them