On which side do you carry your BOAB?

I’m a right handed guy (I can clean with my left of course). I’ve always carried my BOAB at the right side, but I’ve noticed right handed guys carried the BOAB at the left side.
How do you guys carry it? Which benefits do you experience with your choice?

right handed. right side

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Ditto. I will say however that 3-4 pounds has thrown my back off balance over the years and I now have some sort of chronic muscle strain on the left side.

BOAB and pouch right, sprayer and razor left.

I tried to switch it once and grabbed my razor like it was a stripper. Nope, never again.


I guess ill be the first to have it on the left, i mop left handed and squeegee right handed, so for me the convenience of having boab on left works for me especially for ladder work on 30’ to 40’.

My BOAB is in the middle. IOW’s, in front of my junk.
From center to right, Boab, hip clip, Moarman pouch.
Center to left, Boab, bronze wool pouch, squirt bottle and holster, and in the center of my back, another bigger pouch.

Good Lord. My back hurts just thinking about it.

I have the boab to the left, and I’m right handed. And I have a squeegee holster on the right side.

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Right handed but do as much of the work as possible ambidextrously, so BOAB on left hip, spray bottle on right, bronze wool in the BOAB (Samurai has a little holding area for the bronze wool) or i have the bronze wool on a sanding block carried in my left pocket, razor in the right pocket but I don’t use razors very often so not part of my normal carry.

Right handed but BOAB on left. Always Strip Wash with left. Squeegee with right mostly ( squeegee holster and scrapper on right ). But can switch it up and squeegee left almost as efficiently as right. In my opinion much more efficient to utilize both sides simultaneously. You will see guys reaching for Washer on the right - return it to the BOAB and then grab the squeegee to begin that process while the left arm and hand are hanging there like a useless stump ( and screaming - " USE ME " ! ).

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But if you do inside residential, doesn’t drip a lot from the squeegee in the holster?

Good question Jonathan. There is really nothing on the market that suited me as far as catching water on the squeegee side. So I constructed a double holster with four slots and used two empty mouth wash bottles upside down. I cut them to fit tightly against the holster using nylon bolts and nuts. The caps serve as a way to frequently dispense of any drippings that are caught without having to take the belt off to dump. Just unscrew them.


Nice work!

I don’t know if you ask me or WDW, but the holster I got have a sponge in it at the bottom that catches the water. Then squeeze it out when it gets to wet.
Sometimes I put the squeegee in the boab, like an old habit. Or if in a tight space.

Lefty, carry on my left. I use the pulex boab, so I can draw and holster my mop with my right hand (well, squeegees too, for that matter). Razor and scrub pad are in a pouch on the right.

Occasionally for ladder work, I’ll shift the bucket to the middle of my back, so I can draw my scrubber and squeegee left or right handed. It takes a little muscle memory to get it all reholstered, but it helps me in tight spots sometimes.

This video demonstrates the techniques I use in most situations for drawing and holstering my tools.


I want that.

I like that pad holder

The good old ”snabel”.
I don’t want to be too wide, especially in homes.

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Cool! Good work.

There is a guy on my area that does the same, but he only has a boab, nothing else on this belt and it dangles over his junk, I just dont get it tbh.