One Crazy Job!

I just got finished with a huge multimillion dollar home here in southern California. It was on the top of this mountain that had the best view I haver seen, the inside was covered in pink marble floors, and green jade floors. Down stairs was the master bedroom that had a jade Jacuzzi down into the ground, a 20 person shower, a sauna and the freakiest bedroom I have ever seen. It was a bedroom with bedrooms attached to it. One room looked like a occult ritual room. There were mirrors every where, on all the walls and ceiling in the down stairs and every room was angled in all sorts of weird ways so that it made you feel like you were in Bruce Lee’s enter the dragon. It had some weird aphrodisiac smell down there like some opium den or something. This job took 10 hours and I spent last 3 cleaning in the dark, it was the 3 most unsettling hours of my life. I could swear I heard whispering. Me all alone on the top of some mountain in the dark in some freaky house.

pics or it didnt happen, lol

I saw movie like that.

The shower for 20 people should give you a hint :wink:

20 person shower:confused:
Freakiest bedroom I have ever seen. It was a bedroom with bedrooms attached to it.:confused:

OH YER I GET IT:rolleyes:;):smiley:

Playboy Mansion?

Okay, No more burritos and beer after 10 pm.

Did you this estimate in person before you got the job?

Santa Luz?

I got this job as a referral from another company, so this new company called me up and told me they want to send all their bank homes to me that they fix up and put back up on the market. So I went out gave the guy a quote and did it same day.

I need to start taking a camera with me, so that people will believe me because it does sound crazy. Every now and then I get a home like this, and its always the new money who have homes like this.

I did Berry Bonds ( I think that is how you spell his name) old mansion and it was just as bad, he had a glass pyramid as the roof for the ceiling three stories up in the air that covered the living room, needless to say I didn’t clean that part of the house. He had these brass dolphins for the sink spouts, He had one room with a jacuzzi in the bed room with a fire place in from of it, and a large 10 person shower too! These type of houses seem like playboy mansions as they don’t seem like a cozy place for two. Once again no pictures so I guess Santa better bring me a camera for christmas.

creepiest thing I ever saw was a sex swing 4 season room. The lady was talking to me from the kitchen as I cleaned the glass in there. Shivers

I can’t even tell the craziest things I have seen at two different clients homes or I would lose them as clients but lets just say is crazier then anything listed here.

Did you do Bonds house in Bear Creek?

I love the houses we clean that i will NEVER be able to afford…

This is just a piece of an addition we construction cleaned. This is the gym. tenis basketball, and volleyball court. not to shabby!

Oh, that is a 10’ ladder in the pic

yeah that’s in Bear Creek, been to that house a few times over the years for different owners, that skylight needs a 35ft scissor lift inside to get nose to glass

I expected more in a house from such a celebrity, I’m sure it was just “another home” in his portfolio and not his “primary trophy” residence.

ha, imagine the additional property tax on that “dead” square footage

I really enjoy the different architectural styles of high end homes and while working outside, or walking the outside for a quote, seeing if I can guess the layout inside and which room is which etc.

Thanks for confirming that I am not making this stuff up. Although Pics would still be better.

When Barry moved in there 20 years ago we cleaned the house for a few years untill he sold it .
He was actually there when we cleaned the house a few times which was pretty cool.

Were you in Mission Viejo back then driving out here, or were you in Murrieta?

how’d he treat ya?

I remember many saying they would see him at the bank, store, whatever and he was pretty rude (different people, different occasions)

but hey, it’s gotta be tough being a celebrity “alone, and out in the open” trying to get your errands done too

Murrieta was probably around only a tiny 30-50k population in the mid 90’s