One Crazy Job!

I’m off until Jan, otherwise I could have got a zoom shot of the skylight for you, being on the street just the other day

but here’s the online shot

there’s the huge skylight. and as others can verify, it’s 2nd floor rooftop peak over a totally open living room below (marble, last time I saw it, something you really want to be driving a heavy piece of equipment over, NOT. Plus a step down living room, so bring your ramps)

the wc’er I knew who did the CCU was able to use the scaffolding that was still set up when he was there.

I think it’s about 12-15 ft to the peak when you are on the roof standing at the edge of it, outside can be simple wpole work, if kept up on.

rest of the house is basic, lots of balconies, single pane casements, lots and lots of doors and that’s about it
one of the price quotes I presented I remember the guy asking if I would do this 9,913 sft home for $200 cause that’s the same price he got from “the largest lowest price leader hack shop in town” (name in quotes instead of actual company name) but he didn’t want them to do it. Cya Charlie.

how would others handle the insides of this skylight? (it seems to be a little much for the dragonfly tool, lol)

I’m just glad the lady I was working for did not make me do that skylight because I would have walked away from that. I also would have laughed and walked away from $200 for that place. I can’t remember what I charged but I am sure it was over $600.

How did they not break the windows when playing tennis/basketball?