One great secret

So the security guard/maid/customer at a job asks you:

“What’s the one great secret to properly clean a window?”

What’s your answer?

Experience and knowledge.

These people drive me nuts, it’s simple though, it’s the squeegee rubber and technique.

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I tell them it’s a secret for a reason lol

Had a guy ask how mich I was charging for a BiMonthly acct that was my response, its a secret

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i’ve answered variably:

hire a professional

or it’s the tools and techniques

more often i’m asked what’s in our solution and when i tell them dish soap they are amazed and then i say it’s not about the soap its the tools and technique


“I wish I knew”

then we laugh…


I’d have to say it’s HUCK towels. Wether you if have a good technique or bad technique. It’s that final detailing that provides the perfect clean. These surgical towels can save the day. Miss a spot? Huck it! It’s the last touch to a perfect job.

At least with me.

Professional window cleaners make it look easy but it’s not. You’d think anybody could do it but they can’t.


exactly !



“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret”…

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“I am”

I’d say: “One? There are SO many. Window cleaners are like the Freemasons. Secret handshakes and all that. Now stop asking questions before you get us both in big trouble.”


Technique. Window cleaners make it look so easy.

“It’s a detail gig.”

“Wash 50,000 panes of glass a year. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.”