One of my best guys is looking to go somewhere warm to work for the winter

One of my best guys, most productive, most well liked guy on the crew is looking to get out of the cold weather for the winter. If you’re interested in his contact info or to ask me any questions about him pm me. He has lots of friends in the Austin Texas area but will go pretty much anywhere as long as its warm and he can work enough to pay for a small apartment.


Im not sure how ‘warm’ he wants to get,but Im here in Austin and we could use another full time team member.

I promise to give him back; only slightly used. My number is in the avatar.

Cool. I’ll have him give you a call. He’s finishing out the season here so wouldn’t be there until the 1st of the year, but he’s serious about going down there. I’ll have him call you today.

Hey Nick-Ster,

Don’t you also have another fella leaving to Seattle ? He emailed me with a resume but I’m not hiring at the present time, I’m not quite at the level you are ! Good to see your really soaking up the work, Dude keep er going and you’ll soon be the biggest in your area if not already !

Take care and be safe…


Who sent a resume? Can you pm me?

You can send him down to Sunny NJ for a few months :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I’ve heard NJ is wonderful in January. Especially compared to Siberia.

Nick, I will let you know what my Jan-Feb prospects will look like in a few weeks, unless Ryan can def use your stud worker.

Yeah definitely let me know. I talked to Ryan a little while ago - I gave my guy his contact info.

Haha He hates cold weather and snow so I don’t know how that would work out. Otherwise I think he would be down.