One of our larger homes

We just did this house yesterday. It’s not the biggest we do but it’s in the top 5.


man thats nice… what does something like that go for out here Tony?

That house took 1 1/2 years to build and while they haven’t told me how much it cost we do another house in the area that took 2 years to build and it’s a little bigger. The bill on the latter one was $6 million.

of on another tangerine. nice to put a face to the name.

My mind’s eye had Tony with a mustache…

Mustache? Man I can’t keep the top of my head covered w/ hair what chance does my lip stand?!:smiley:

That’s a house?

what a dump. :slight_smile:

In the photo, the size of the house dwarfs you in comparison…

I am not sure what some folks do with that much space. The yard looks manicured like a golf course…

Safe to assume this client has a little dough.

good on ya Tony. When does your season end?

you call that a house???

Now this is a house…

Looks like it could use a Window Cleaning! :slight_smile:

yeah, i got this house quarterly :D:D:D I Wish…

I’ll keep going thru winter w/ my monthly houses. I recently started subbing the windows for the local Merry Maids and they might be able to get me some work in January depending on the weather. As for wfp work I’ll probably stop about the 2nd or 3rd week in December depending on the temps.

Hey Tony, Would you mind sharing what you did with Merry Maids ?
Pm if you will, I’ll be interested in get in touch with them for the same purpose and having some information in advance will be great.


Actually the Merry Maids got in touch w/ me. They found me thru my YP ad and we had a meeting. I was able to adjust their window bidding sheet for them and that way it was more profitable for me. Be aware you usually start of at 70% of their bid (they do the bids for you so all you do is show up do the windows and give MM the invoice).

Steve Wright of the Customer factor has a similar suggestion in his book.

Tony, do you also refer MM to clients who ask for house/home keeping?

If so, perhaps you should also bid that work for them and keep 30%.

We used to do commercial cleaning and I don’t ever want to go back to it bidding or otherwise. I love wcing. As for referrals I have several companies (some are friends) that I refer. If it’s a really big job I refer MM, if not one of the others. My friends also refer me and I have landed several jobs from them w/ no referal fee being asked for.

This bad boy took me all day!
Costumer wanted
Window cleaning, Moss treatment and barnacle removal.

That is one cool place, Josh! How often do they use it?

Whats the business? Do they sell from it? And what do they sell?

I have no idea where this photo was taken. I just thought it was a ridiculous picture. I was just trying to be funny. :o
Funny thing is I was watching the news the other day and just so happens a woman from the area actually lives by herself in one of these. I think one of these would make a great back yard office next to a garage.