One of the most important things to remember

Today I for got my sunblock. I shall be suffering for this for days to come.


Not only will you look like a lobster, you will feel like the sun never went down.

A warm shower feels like boiling water.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

I keep sunblock and Yard Guard in the truck. This time of year, the gnats are swarming in the heat. I spray the area where I set up to clean screens, so gnats, flies and the biting insects keep away

i have a major farmers tan going on right now which im sure many of the guys on here have also. but my forehead was white as snow due to wearing a hat all the time, so the other day I decided to go hatless to bring some color to my forehead…bad idea…even though the sun was behind a thin layer of clouds i burnt it up good…not it hurts like hell to wear a hat!

I’m notorious for getting a bad burn every year. I’m trying not to have a repeat performance this year.

I too where a ball cap and I’d much rather have a white forehead than a burn.

Remember – clouds are meaningless to UV rays.

I just work my way round the building in the shade.

I could be incorrect as I have not done the research, but I remember a show on the Discovery channel where they stated that skin cancer did not exist until the invention of sunblock

I read somewhere that girls didn’t exist until there was boys.

You can’t always believe what you read or see on TV.

But you can if it’s on PBS or Discovery Channel.

You mean some of those guys on C-Span are lying

I’m not saying they are.

I’m not saying they are not.

Let me just say two words and I’ll leave it at that.

“Ted Turner”