One of those weeks

So this week seemed to be at bit of a challenge.
Monday: Guy left me to do my thing went out after I got there, I had to do a part house wash so after I arrived reversed my trailer into the driveway then went inside… beep … beep… beep whooop whooop whoop whoop etc, I then ring the homeowner who tells me the code to punch in… not working he is coming back in 15 mins zzz( he has only been gone 5…), I continue to try do my thing with the alarm rupturing my ear drums after about 10 mins it stops. THANK GOD, then I walk to the next zone of the house and OMG it starts again, by this point I am screaming obscenities, I am about to leave when it just stops and the owner comes thru the door and says "oh sorry mate I must have armed the alarm when I shut the roller door…"
Thursday: Did the quote a week ago husband tells me all this will be out of the way when you come… I get there more shit than when I quoted was out got caught/tripped over every few mins, ever few mins got my hose snagged on crap, these people are older than me with a nicer house than me with just crap everywhere, I don’t get it.
The rest of the week was good, idk those 2 days seems to me as my most challenging in a while, just those little annoyances that drive you nuts at the time.

the high light of my week. I did a quote for a house $650 I asked her if she needed any pressure washing she look at the floor and hesitated than said no. I said if you ever need it let me know. Next day she asked for a quote. $660 grand total $1310 to be done Monday & Tuesday


Then yesterday did a quote on a small townhouse 14 panes of glass and 5 screens i gave her my quote $100 its my minimum( less than an hours work) only for her to tell me she would have payed $300 o.O


I did the same thing. Quoted a job with 10 double hungs and 10 screens, one story condo townhouse. Gave her a price of $185, 2x service ($370 yearly). She said that’s a bargain sign me up…I hate it when that happens. Oh well, still good money.


Two weeks ago a lady with 5 second story exterior panes wanted a bid so I said $30. She countered with $50. I said okay.
She wants me back in the spring.

I meet some really nice people.


$185 for an hours worth of work ain’t too bad - just need her to start telling all her neighbors now

I dropped my 32 ladder today. Luckily I didn’t break bend it.

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I hope it wasn’t fiberglass…

I dropped a 28’ rental on my head two months ago. Home Depot has yet to bill me for the extracurricular activities :joy:

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lol this reminded me of the other day when a friend of mine borrowed my 22’, he bought it back the next day saying how that ladder needs 2 ppl to use it, and how he had to extend it on the ground and then fully extended trying to stand it up I was like WTF dude, and proceeded to inform him that this was a small ladder and even my 13 year old can extend it on his own. I offered to show him proper ladder technique he wasn’t remotely interested so I doubt I will loan him out my ladders in the future.


I had it extended with stand off. It got caught in tree at a difficult angle. I messed with it for 15 mins. My only option was to use draw string to control the fall as much as possible. It fell with stand off facing down which absorbed most of the impact. Luckily home owners were not there.

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I was cleaning gutters.

We’ve lost several quotes as of late and it’s driving me crazy. Pisses me off to lose jobs because somebody bids it several hundreds less or does $350 of work for $150. Hate you, Groupon, I hate you!

Bummer to lose the quotes! Say, do you use Groupon for your company or is it that the competition is using Groupon?

Competition using groupon. I can’t match those cut throat rates.

lost my liquidator today :frowning: emptied my bucket and didn’t realize til i got to my next job went back to where it should have been… not there replacement cost $70 spewing.

Thats a bummer! :confounded:

So it was your cash “liquidator” that day, huh?


Ive found one of the tricks to dropping a ladder is to completely let it go. It seems when you are still trying to hold one end is when it bends.