One Restore or...?

Not sure the best chemical to use on this homemade piece of funk…
Most of the panels look like the ones in the top pic.

:flushed: Run forest Run

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Don’t even take on that headache


curious about what happened with this. Did you take it on?

I think he’s probably still running… :running_man:

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I’m too stubborn to run…common sense be damned… LOL

LOL but seriously… I’d love to see how it turned out

You can Only give it a try?
Been using One Restore for Years Now.
1/ You can test a Small Area Lower Corner First.
2/ If that Doesn’t Work.
3/ Try CC550.
Here’s a Video we did Showing How to use One Restore.

Use to do Heavy Duty Scrubbing with Chemicals.
Better then Using Steel/ Bronze Wool, White Scrubbing Pads.
Easy to Hold in Hand for Those Heavy Duty Scrubbing Jobs.

Well you probably couldn’t tell from any pics about how they cleaned up, though they did. Except most of the seals were shot and there is a lot of staining in between, so they still look like shit, but the customer was happy. Go figure.

And Here is a Video we did Over 12 years Ago.
This was the First Time we Used Winsol Crystal Clear 550.
As well as One Restore then Named Safe Restore.
And if you Check Under this Youtube Video in the Details.
You will see:

1/ All the Information we Have Put Up.
That is from the Manufactures Winsol.
So you Know the Pros and the Cons.
Instructional Data how to use.

2/ Material Safety Data Sheet PDF.

3/ Glass Clearing Authorization and Release Form.PDF.
This is to Inform Customers that Results May Vary Depending on the Condition of the Glass that is being Restored.