One way to deal with an upset customer

Pretty funny youtube video on dealing with an upset customer. Warning:Very foul language.

YouTube - ‪Don’t Talk - Angry Voicemail (Uncensored)‬‏

Ha!! That’s great!

That is awesome!!!

It’s not funny. It sounds like a ligitimate complaint. Even tho she is reacting like a nutcase, that customer is probably right. A lot of times the person who is wildly ticked off, was manipulated by a jerk. And the jerk acts cool calm and collective.

Plus, it may be against the law to publish a persons voice like that. The individual who released that audio file onto the Internet and YouTube is someone with a personality disturbance. People can and do loose their jobs and companies.

Save that file. That may be illegal. And I am not one to care much about laws but when it involves bullying, it is just too rude and borish. I can tell, the ones running that theater are inconsiderate hipsters in Austin.

I deleted some posts because we all need to remember to be nice to each other. You can disagree but don’t try to hurt someone with google.


good call Alex… looks like there are still a few broad generalizations and ridiculous stereotypes left over after you took out the trash.

I thought it was pretty funny. Between phones and kids talking or yelling out things during movies I prefer to stay home and watch TV on my big screen… And there is never a line at my concession stand! Boom

I hate going to the movies. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than going to see a movie on a Friday night. I go two or three times a year and I go with the blue hairs, 10am on a Saturday or Sunday.

As for the woman in the message… I guarantee she got booted for being a loud fool and was probably talking just like that in the theater… annoying EVERYONE around her.

Should the message have been posted on youtube? Thats up for debate, its surely not the worst thing out there but it is what it is. Thanks for sharing Sam.