If you’re still on the fence about trying OneRestore, fall off and get you some. Here are a couple photos of a badly damaged panel and frame. In the ‘after’ shot, that is simply just spraying it on, and rinsing off. Of course I’ll do it again and finish it up properly, but that was with no scrubbing. It’s an amazing product.

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Nice John.

How much dwell time?

About 1 min. Not much time at all. I’ll usually spray it on, use a white scrub pad, then rinse. Easy!

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Straight or diluted? If diluted what Ratio?

I prefer full strength, like the directions say. Some like 50/50, but I think it works better/faster full strength. Make sure you wear gloves!

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And a ventilator. That stuf works great, but is potent!

Good product, never use it on glass with any kind of coating, it will usually eat it off, always test in an inconspicuous spot

I wish I had some of that today! Cleaned 20 south facing panes that have been blasted by 800 TDS well water all summer. Going to buy some of that to put in my arsenal for next year.

I know it has the basic acid found in Muriatic acid, hydrochloric, but that is like water. Is stuff formulated thicker? I know CC550 is hydrofluoric acid and rather safe at 1.5%. Heard of a different version called SafRestorer which contains Hydroxyacetic and Sulfamic acid. No mineral acids. Claims not to etch most glass but also says not safe for treated low-e. Guess they mean if treatment was on outside of glass. Most low-e is inside layer of pane.
I have a place just like the pic. 30ish years old and same deterioration. Might have to get me some. Haven’t tried the stronger acids yet. Since the frame you work with is exactly like the one I am working on, guess it is safe to use.
I wonder if there is something we could put on afterwards like a spray wax or something that would prevent buildup and/or give it a better appearance without causing yuck to transfer to window glass. I have 3 large glass arches. 1 exposed and 2 covered by walkways. The exterior is doing better than those covered. More corrosion on the 2 protected frames. Maybe I can get a pic and try this OneRestore too. Let you know how it turns out.
Thanks, feel safer to use it now.

This is what I use. Great stuff.

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Cool. Might try that. I used a Bead Max from Stoner. Haven’t seen run off but since using WFP I stopped using it. Worried there may be a residue getting onto glass. This frames are getting better with causing spotting since using WFP so now I can get up there and keep the crud from messing up the glass. Couple drops per sq ft is good. Might last a long time. Thanks.

[MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION] this works well to:

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And as John said this also work GREAT:…e-sealant.html

My gosh, expensive. Might spend the money and use that new Rust-Oleum Never Wet. Stuff is pretty cool. Played with it a bit. Water rolls right off.

NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration - YouTube

I dont think it will bond to the glass.

demo vid shows it will. Tried it on other stuff like buckets to keep wax from drying and leaving a film or strainer so wax wont fill in the gaps and peel off later when using ammonia… Really more for the frames or even damaged glass that easily gets a lot of water action. Id try it on the frame. Doesnt work can remove. Like the clothing water proofing. Maybe spray on my wristbands, which keep water from running down arm into arm pit or a glove to keep water off. Worth a shot.