Opinions on business cards? Pictures inside!

Okay so which do you guys like better out of these.


North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

You should do this with the card
Custom Temporary Tattoos | Award Winning Quality | StickerYou

I prefer the blue. And I’m amazed at how well that tattoo (logo) works on your cards.

Oh, and regarding your two different domains: I would build them as separate sites, with no identical content. Maybe wicked-clean-windows.com could be a blog/pictures oriented site, and the other url be a more cut and dry business site (with a tiny bit of personal flair). With some work, you could have both sites ranking well in your service area. The more real estate you have on page one of google, the better :slight_smile:

I’m serious little kids of your clients would love temporary tats

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Thank you! And haha the temporary tattoo idea at first I though you were being a douche bag, then I read the bottom comment and love the idea for future cards! Thank you the website design is also on the way! I’ll keep you posted on that as well

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

haha! [MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION]? NO WAY! :cool:

but yeah that’s a good idea he came up with… i would be all over that.

as for the cards, stylistically i like the logo, but i tend to agree with the advice you’ve already got. it ain’t gonna help you brand yourself. customers won’t get it, and won’t look at it long enough to get it.

probably won’t hurt you now, but in the long run you may look back at it and regret that you didn’t go with something a little more icon-ic. but hey, if you LOOOVE it, just roll with it.

I do understand what you guys are saying, about identifying the brand with “window cleaning” through the name. However I feel as if a company called “super soaker” or “sea thru” window is almost a bit tacky. Sounds very local, I’m not trying to portray my business as just a local company, I’m trying to make it seem larger then it is. Which believe it or not does work, works great with music as well. I have taken some of you guys advice however! I added the Wicked Clean Windows at the bottom which is my tag line! (Catchy, I know)

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

Yeah, totally agree.

I’d say on a scale of 1-10 for Douchebaggery
1 being [MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION]
10 being a drunken [MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] after midnight
[MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION] is a 1.001


Thanks [MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] [B][I][U]I really needed this today[/U][/I][/B]! and man no way at your worst your maybe 1.5!!! :slight_smile:

Aaaaand here’s where I become the douchebag.

I don’t like a certain part of the logo.

WHY, when the name is NorthEast…
is the Northeast part of the compass NOT highlighted in some way?!? :confused:

The name is NorthEast for crying out loud.
It doesn’t get any better/more obvious than that.

And by the way, who is the captain? Are you the captain?
Because I see a captains wheel.

Which way are you heading?
Certainly not NorthEast.

  • because otherwise [B]Northeast would be highlighted in the logo[/B]!

I’m beating you up because I like you, and think you can handle it.
But you see where I’m coming from. (I hope)

Eh, you’re a liar.

But that’s alright, because I know you’re lying with the intentions of not hurting my feelings.
Typical good guy, that you are.

Just deal with it and don’t patronize me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the blue, but I think the yellow tint in the logo could pop a lot more. I’d make it bright yellow.

I always enjoy the show when you crank it up to 11.

[MENTION=38715]NorthEastWindow[/MENTION] - This is actually a good point. Make the NE point a bright orange and the other points yellow because it’s subtle and would make for a great little detail.

But personally, I’d use a little different font. Something a little more solid (or bold) so that people can immediately see your name.

I do like the concept tho. And you can totally play off the nautical theme for marketing ideas. “Don’t know where to turn to get your windows cleaned? Turn North East.” Bam. Drop Mic.

Im not patronizing you! Your really not that bad man!

you may have rough and gruff exterior, but deep down your a Marshmallow…just saying :slight_smile:

That got a lol from me.

Sorry, I just had a Ghostbusters flashback. Carry on.

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I mean does the compass itself not play into the name NorthEast? It doesn’t have to point to NorthEast, I mean after all it’s a compass rose. Also the ship wheel is to kind of add a little bit of a “nautical” theme, since Rhode Island is the ocean state after all. Since I’m based in Rhode Island, and Rhode Island is in the North East, And is the ocean state, I’m sure people will get it…I hope. I mean really though, my tag line is just great. “Wicked clean windows” just has such a ring…and wicked is a word used by people in New England. :smiley:

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

Thanks for the input on the cards though! I posted the two color schemes on my Facebook page, as well as my personal and the black/gold seems to be the winner.

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

It may be a good idea to play up the tattoo thing, especially since you’ve got a lot of them. A lot of people might be a bit prejudiced against someone with lots of tats, but if you make that your 'gimmick" (ie the temporary tats for kids, your -really cool- tatted up logo, maybe even some tattoo-like artwork on your buckets, etc) it could really be a good marketing thing for you…“Do you use that tattooed window guy?..My kids love him! He gave them temporary tats and they can’t wait for him to come back” Just a thought.

Atlas Services - Exterior Cleaning Specialists
North Carolina

That is exactly what I’m trying to do with the brand. I really have no choice, because some people for sure will judge a book by its cover. It
Sucks that happens, but soon enough they will realize tattoos do not mean anything, My friends and I call it “surprise kindness”. Thanks for the input, funny I had similar ideas for taking the brand in that direction.

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

I like the design and colors. If you have a FaceBook page, you could put a “like us on” with your page info and/or a follow us on Angie’s list comment.

I would use a heavier card stock with a high gloss finish. Your card is your first impression, spend some money

I agree the heavier card stock, I also plan on having the lettering embossed to give it a very nice feel when in the hand. Like you said, first impression is everything, and my looks do not lean in my favor in that department. However my people skills outweigh my looks 100%. Do any of you guys have a 100% commission based sales person? If so how have they worked out for you, I imagine it would give them a little hustle mentality, as they can really make as much as they want.

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437