Opinions on free social media advertisements?


I wanted to know if anyone has gotten any leads/customers from Instagram, twitter, pintrest or any other large social media that doesn’t require paid advertising! Thanks again!

Free is always a good testing ground.


We’ve gotten jobs because of our YouTube channel. With a nice polished video and the right tags you’d be surprised what it can do for your business. Plus it’s really helped our website.


Also you can join and post in community groups around your area on Facebook. Make sure you aren’t spammy about it but just let them know you are local and in their area. We’ve gotten more jobs that way than the ads we’ve posted. Also make sure you are on next door. Get one referral and it spider webs out and more people can see your company.


Yes! Five of the six gutter jobs we did last week were from NextDoor.


You guys do a great job on the vids and make it look easy. I’ve been trying to do some vids but just don’t have that knowledge. Mine look like an old VHS tape recording lol.

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NextDoor seems really awesome; are you listed on multiple different communities? or multiple different towns? Or are you just on one location?

Are you using a newer phone or a gopro type camera?

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Newer phone, is gopro better?

Gopro is easier, just turn the thing on and set it behind you and go but a phone is do able. Tradman films with his phone and his videos look good. He uses a tripod and had to adjust his settings a bit.

Newer phone for sure

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We’ve done a few things. To be seen on other neighborhood networks, you need to be recommended. You can’t just choose the areas you want to be seen.

  1. We’re on NextDoor for our neighborhood, so whenever anyone in that network says they are looking for window or gutter cleaning I comment that my husband and I own a business offering those services, give our phone number and say that they can google us to see pictures and reviews of our work.
  2. When I email an invoice I mention if they are on NextDoor we would really appreciate a recommendation.
  3. We claimed our business on NextDoor. That allowed us to see the areas we’ve been recommended in.

@BrightAndFresh this is a good one for my area. If you have good content in your posts in the group and be an active member it will bring in work.

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I had a client recommend me on nextdoor on Saturday, i’ve received 4 calls, 2 of which are booked for this next week! So much to learn! Any other apps like this that you gals/guys would recommend?

Edit: didn’t even know about the app prior to calling each community office this last week, to find what their regulations were in regards of yard signs/post cards :sweat_smile:

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