Opinions on my first web site

Looking for any and all opinions on my home page of this site, none of the links work yet this is just the home page and it will be centered on page




How come you have attached to that other site? Are they building it for you?

Yes Barbara from ecover designs.

Hey man,
It looks just ok to me. I like the scrolling pics. You should add pics of you and maybe crew doing some jobs. The squeegee on the side actually distracts me from the pics. Maybe find another spot for it. I suggest checking out competitors sites and seeing what the do, pick and choose what you like about them and try to come up with something fresh. feel free to check my site and tell me what you think. Abidewindowservices.com

Ya I like the idea of jobsite pics of us working, but those are going to have to wait till this spring, we took a ton of before and after Pics this year but no working pics.
I guess I should have waited till it was complete to post. Also does anyone have an opinion on adding a blog to add specials and help with seo

You may want to ask the designer to just build you a wordpress site. It will be easier for you to manage in the long run.

I agree with Chris. Have them build you a Wordpress site. If you want a blog added, you can’t beat Wordpress. I would also think about using a javascript slider (slideshow). Flash can look great, but for what you’re using it for javascript would be better. Safari mobile doesn’t support flash and since a good deal of browsing happens on iPhones it’s best to try to be compatible with as many browsers as possible. I do like the fact that’s it’s uncluttered. Just my .02.

I agree. I have two wordpress site and love them. Wordpress is easy to mess with and seo is pretty easy too. Check them out.