Opinions on the glass renue system

I’m thinking about purchasing this and would like to hear any and all feedback from users of this system. Thanks for your time,

I’m a really new user of the glass Renue system but my first few tests came out great. Very easy to use. I will be doing my first paying job in the morning. I have not used any other system so i have nothing to compare it to. All i can say is it does what its made to do and i get great support from Glass Renue and WCR. Both Cole and Alex have been great.

Joe Scinta
Clear Vision Window Cleaning
Buffalo NY

I like it easy to use short learning curve And in a little over 2 months it has been a money maker.

I purchased the system about 2 to 3 months ago. It is still in the case! I have bid on 3 jobs (at 30% of replacement costs) landed zero jobs. One bid was a referral from Cole. The business owner has since closed the business. It has been difficult for me to market. Maybe you can market it effectively. I wish I could tell you from experience how the system works.

DrRuss… Have you talk to your window cleaning customers ? you must see damaged glass everyday.

I have talked with them and so far no takers. Almost all my work is residential. I met with a regional manager from Hooters today so hopefully that will change soon.

I do mostly commercial work so ive landed a few jobs already. Im hoping to pay for my system and training cost in a few jobs… I would think trying to market to residential would be kinda tuff. But keep at it something will happen

For me, at least initially, it would be used for hard water stains(shower doors mostly). My list of client’s with discontinued shower enclosures have few choices short of custom replacements. Thought it would be decent winter work and a welcome service to my client’s. Was also wondering about that Mr. hard water removal system.

From what ive seen… Glass Renu takes hard water stains off like a hot knife in butter…

If your looking just for shower doors save yourself so cash and go with the mr hard water stain removal system. The stuff is incredible. I haven’t met a shower I can’t Handel yet. I bought everything for mr hard water accept the grinder. I use a dewatht right angle drill. Plenty of rpms and zero chords to deal with. you have to get a 5/8 attachment for the drill no biggy. I have used severalvscratch removal systems in the past, felt pad jewelers rouge and drill. This one can’t do crap. Srp unit own three great system really need to knowbhow to work it and deep scratches take forever. Big con is the expenses. Glass guru system good but the silicon carbide sanding discs leave small swirls in the glass that alot of the time don’t come out with the follow up discs. Same principal as glass renue difference sanding discs. I have yet to purchase the glass renu kit but I have used one. Their system by far is the absolute best system on the market. Easy to use, quick learning curve, easyvremoval of glass stock for deep scratches and the pads don’t leave behind the swirls like I found in the glass guru system. The building market blows here so I havnt had a scratch removal in over two years. However if u do get into scratches this is the best system to buy no doubt about it.

I’ve had mine for a few years. It does what they say it will do. In the right area and with some good marketing you can make money. I pretty much strictly use it for scratch removal. Not hard water staining. And barely any residential. Its nice to know I can get anything off of a piece of glass.

I will tell the truth about my system. I have used it on scratches, water stains and 1 graffiti job. The system works. The learning curve is pretty steep, but like cleaning windows, the more you do it the better you get. I have almost used up the black and blue pads that came with the kit and I have also used 1 red pad. I use more gray than anything else.

Cole has been great. Anytime I have had a question, cole has had the patience and the answer. He answers his phone during working hours and has even called me back after hours when I left him a message.

The polishing solution will make windows sparkle, especially with hard water stain removal.

There is a down side, the no touch thermometer went haywire on the 2nd Job I did. I had to spend money to replace it. Cole asked me if I wanted him to replace it, or go buy another one. I guess there is no warranty, because that should not be a question asked with a new system. It wasn’t Glass Renue’s fault, they didn’t know they had received a defective item, but it should have had a warranty

I am satisfied with my system, it works exactly as they say it will and the customer support is stellar! Buddyo, if you were to see the look on a customers’ face when you clear their damaged glass, you wouldn’t hesitate to order your kit.

You are a convincing salesman speaking from your own experience. I would agree w/ you on the warranty of of certain items being paid top dollar for though. The lack of any warranty on a product sold by a company(WCR), who has customer service that is second to none, is surprising.

Do you think a commercial customer would be willing to pay the price?
How long does it take to clear the window?

Well, if my price to clear the window is 300 bucks, the price to replace the window is 900 bucks and their insurance deductible is 1000, what do you think they will do?

Depending on the depth of the damage 1 hour to all day. You cannot rush the process or you will deliver a poor product. You have to work the area until the damage is gone. You have to work the pre-polish pad (gray) until the repaired area is completely worked to a uniformed haze. This can take a substantial amount of time and you must take care to get it right. Then you polish…and when Cody and Cole tell you to polish, you polish until you think you are done and then you polish some more…and then polish some more.

It is a time and labor intensive process, but the results are amazing.

I bid and got a lil job today for the city…it’s a small like 8x14 pane with a little tag on it…probably take 1.5 hr at best, only because it’s a small area and heat buildup will be a major factor. Saw two more easier ones down the street I will go talk to them next week. I guess for myself, my w/c brings in a good hourly rate. More so than the smaller scratches on a removal. I guess what I’m saying is w/c is easier and pays more MOST of the time…I’ve had some easy scratches that also kicked w/c butt…but overall w/c pays more per hour for me.

I’ve been using it now for a year and I LOVE it! Just got in with a big local property manager. First job with them is a commercial complex worth $3100. There is tons of scratched glass! Thus far I haven’t had a scratch I couldn’t get out and I have done some very deep graffiti work even a few classic car window restorations.

The only difficulty I’ve had is getting to the person who makes the decision to get the job. Networking has worked well for me. I guess it’s the same with any other services offered. Oh the support from Glass Renu is top notch!

yessir…thats good to hear…if you are in a good area with lots of gang bangers and graffitti and you are the only one to go to…YOU da man. These gang bangers around here apparently have moved on to more productive means of gangsterism…I guess tagging windows isnt as fun anymore when some jackwagon (me) comes along and fixes it…haha!

Thank you all for your insight, I really appreciate it. If we ever get to hook up, hang out, and talk shop… the first round’s on me.

I’m sure every city has areas (usually lower income) that this kind of stuff happens specially to the storefronts and local businesses. The Phoenix Metro has a pop of about 5 million so there are tons of areas to target. Im looking into adding security film as an additional add on once you are done with the repair you put up a clear film to protect it from happening again. Anyone else do this?