Opps I didn't notice that window was broken

So I was cleaning a regular customers windows when I didn’t notice that the glass was shattered and put my hand thru it.
Only issue was the customer always leaves when I arrive so he had to take my word that I didn’t break it as he had not even noticed the glass had broken, there was timber venetian blinds and with that frosted patten I wasn’t surprised. It was all good he didn’t think I did it and called to have it replaced.

broke my first window glass yesterday. it was an older aluminum frame single pane slider.
it was on the second level so I popped it out to clean in/out and then i let it sit against my a frame ladder, i must have been careless in how I placed it because a really strong gust of wind came in and blew it down, it shaterred all over the ground.

I immediately told the homeowner i was going to the glass shop to get it replaced. 2 hours and $150 later I came back and it was good to go.
customer didnt have to reimburse me but she did. I was hesitant at first for accepting her gesture and actually insisted that it was my fault and i take full responsibility.

on the ride home i remembered that she was in escrow and just sold the house for 1.5 million (she bought it for $300k 30 yrs ago) so i stopped feeling guilty for accepting the reimbursement.

Hey Steve I’m happy to see it worked out good for you and you did not get hurt!

Now stop putting yours hand through windows…you bull in a china shop! :wink: