Ordered yard signs today

I got some quotes from a few places and my local guy gave me the best deal. Here is what we decided on.

Better than sign2day?

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He was pretty darn close. The guy making these did my trailer wrap and vehicle lettering along with other marketing material so he is able to give me good deals since i’ve spent thousands with him

They look good!

Thanks! Im excited to use them

They do look good

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For spending thousands they should be FREE !
Nice signs btw, be sure to use 'em.

Hah he’s thrown me free stuff along the way. Ive got 1,000 business cards on their way for free.

Thank goodness for that, signs look good like I said.

Looks great. You plan on using them only while on the job or you gonna leave them on the property for a week?

Look great man. I ordered mine from Tim the other day. Super good guy. Very easy to work with (unlike the guys that get my truck this week) they were a pain in the balls. Are you going to leave them at the jobs for a week or two?

I am wondering about leaving them at the job as well. I just ordered some signs form Tim, they look awesome. I think it would be fine to put a sign out while I am working, but in really upscale neighborhoods I don’t think people would want me to leave the sign. I wonder if there are rules against this is some areas. Does anyone have any feedback on this? I know I can just ask, but I am trying to think of a plesant way to ask. And if the customer says no, I hate for the last impression before I leave being negative. Any thoughts?

Around here every hood is different, many HOA have rules that do no allow yard sighs period, many do not, most home owners really don’t care from my experience, but some do. Yeap no black and white answerer to your question.

No we will be leaving them in the yard. Probably for 4-5 days. Long enough to be effective but not to long where it annoys the customer

Here is a suggestion. We will be doing it this way " Mrs. Jones, as you know we are a family owned business and being in a small community the yard signs help up grow our business in a huge way. Usually our customers never care but we always ask before we leave the sign in the yard. Plus, believe it or not they are really expense so we’d hate to just leave it and have it thrown away. We promise it will be picked up in five days. Again, we just always want to ask first before dropping one in your front yard."

Usually their going to say sure. If they do say yes, say " Thank you! You letting us leave this sign will bring us new customers. It works every time. " If she says no, say " Thats totally fine, we completely understand some people prefer to have their yard clean looking. Not a problem"

This way you have told her

  1. your a LOCAL FAMILY OWNED business which makes people want to help you grow. Having this sign in their yard will directly grow your business which most people like.
  2. Most of the other customers have no issues with you doing this. So if she says no she’s of the few that do and will know it.
  3. Your going to take care of the sign so she doesn’t have to pick it up and throw it away.

The harder the neighborhood is to get into, the more effective the signs are. We have some pretty exclusive neighborhoods that don’t respond too well to direct mail but they respond very well to referrals.

Our accountant had us do his roof, the retired doctor saw the sign and got his done, the retired judge saw the Dr.'s sign and got his house washed, the judges neighbor saw his sign and got her house washed, then a lady called me while the truck was still on that job and scheduled her brick patio cleaning.

People who hire you because they saw a sign in their neighbors yard are very open to a sign in there yard. Go figure.

I received a call last week, “I saw that you cleaned Lou’s gutters, please do mine when you get out this way again”. No competitive bidding, no nonsense, just do it.

On the matter of asking customers about leaving a sign, I simply nonchalantly ask “If i put a sign in your front yard when we’re finished, how long would you leave it there”. Some say “right away”, some respond with “How long do most people?” “Usually a week or two”, "okay, that’s fine.

The right yard sign is so extremely powerful that you have to use it to believe it. It’s like the neighbors standing there shouting your praises.

Has anyone ever tried knocking on a non customer homeowners door in a prime location and asked to leave a sign? If so were you successful? It is a suggested tactic in Duct Tape Marketing. I’m thinking of doing it, not 100% sure yet. Maybe offer $10 per job back to that customer using the honor system.

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Yes, but instead of offering them commission, clean their windows. It works.

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Great idea

maybe a street corner where cars stop and will see it better