Other business interests

Hey guys,

I was wondering, do any of you have business interests in anything that is not window cleaning related?

I think its an interesting topic, personally i only run a w/c’ing business at the moment but hope to get involved in other ventures sometime in the future.

What about you guys, are you involved elsewhere?

I think a Ups store would be great if you have a quarter mil. to invest in a franchise.

I have a lot of ideas. Window Cleaning is just the tip of the ice berg for sure.
You’ll see me on Donny Deutsch “Big Idea” in about 5 years:D:D:D

how about selling real estate.

I own other business’


that’s because you invented the servicing industry

this to must die


Hardly. It is because I have ADD. :slight_smile:

I enjoy the service industry most of all. But remember…I used to do comedy magic for a living.

Over here UPS and DHL are doing real bad…due to a lack of importing because of a downturn in the economy…in fact dhl made a loss of a few €m unlike last year…

Like what?

Carpet cleaning.
Hot water power washing.

O cool, i was thinking more along the lines of people with business’ in different industries or sectors.

Do you advertise/market these services separate to window cleaning or advertise all your services as a whole cleaning company?
What type of machine do you use for the carpet cleaning?

We offer these services to our current clients. which are mostly commercial.

I use two different methods to clean carpets. HWE/VLM

I prefer Very Low Moisture.

I’ve had a [B]custom-embossed executive seating company[/B] with a friend for a while. We sold 26 chairs to Mary Kay. My only corporate sale!

I’ve also sold [B]aerial photos of homes[/B] door-to-door, spent 3 hours one early evening and made $300.

I’ve also [B]developed websites [/B]for a few people for $$.

All of this in the past 2 years, in addition to the window cleaning thing.

[I]My advice: Stick to window cleaning. [/I]Seriously. I’ve done pretty well with it, but would have done much better by now if I wasn’t so torn with all this other stuff along the way.

What software do you use to make your websites Kevin?

Also, do you have a mac or a pc?

I am a notary public. I used to do mortgage signings and real estate stuff like title deeds on the side but not so much anymore. My friend owns a bail bond company and wants me to get my bail license to help him out and make money on the side also.

I haven’t done it in a couple of years, but I’m set up to produce custom colored concrete tiles for indoor and outdoor use. I liked the idea because I can do it in my garage. Hopefully, I’ll have the circumstances to get back to it!

I also clean Carpets and flooring.
Helps to get through the winter months here in Ontario.

I obviously do this website / our Window Cleaning Business / and our store. I cant help but think I will be doing something with solar panels in the future.