Other uses for gutter zap

Anyone have any other uses for gutter zap? Says you can use it for a variety of different things. Anyone?

Hey B

Well you can use it on trim we do occasionally. I have noticed a higher probability of metal showing through on trim.

I have heard of people using it on RV’s / trailers and boats.

Bill was telling me just the other day that it can be used on almost anything. I’ll try to find the list of things that it can be used on and the mixture ratios.

Im thinking you could add it into your house wash formula and get the entire house done in one shot.

Shouldn’t your house wash formula get the entire house done in one shot without Gutter Zap?

That would waste to much of it, and not be as effective. When you use it on gutters you do not dilute it. I thought the same thing at first when I started using it years ago.

I will always lean towards F13 instead of Gutter Zap, being butyl based has higher chances for something to go wrong if not used properly, and cannot be applied as many times as the F13 without affecting the finish of the gutters.

no dilution, straight up. Cool thats easy. Obviously you would have to water down everything around you ya? The video of the gutter whitening you posted makes it look so easy.

It is easy most of the time. Occasionally you will have to get up there and hand scrub. But even then, the stains come off pretty easy. Our guys that do the gutter whitening always grab an Unger 30’ Tele-Plus and try to stay safely on the ground.

As for soaking down the area… Thats always a good idea when using any chemical. Nothing like having a callback because you spotted up a deck or patio.

makes an awesome soup. Good in fruit punch too.

You really are twisted Phil! No, really, it’s a good thing.:wink:

I’ve been using this stuff for the past 2 years and it works well. There have been 5 homes that this stuff didn’t work on. That’s out of several hundred. I usually to a test spot on the gutters when I give the prospect a quote. This really serves two purposes. One is when they see the difference they will want it. Two is it saves your company time and money by not having your crews come out and discover that the gutters are too stained to come off.

Longer the stripes or the stain is on the gutter…the harder it is for them to come off.

I’ve also had to rinse the house/deck and landscaping lights and anything metal because this stuff will stain it…and that can get real expensive. You gotta be careful with new (dark paint too).

Thought this might help.

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Hey Alex,
Take a break, I have a list from when I bought some from xterior.com. It actually says that it can be used for cleaning glass by mixing one ounce gutter zap to one gallon of water.

The thumbnail is hard to read unless you use the view button on the menu bar (top left of screen) and magnify to at least 150%

Stay tuned for the great Dawn versus Gutter Zap debate!

please don’t :frowning: I don’t think I can make it through another soap war.

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