Outside Services

What time sof outside services do you use as a business owner? Whether its a uniform company, a payroll company or even the people you buy your printer paper from for your daily paper work?

Outside of WCR :wink: Who do you buy from?

Web design/SEO services

Staples for paper
Lowes or HD for screen material
Couple local printers for T shirts, business cards and receipts.

[COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=lucida grande]All of the above plus INSURANCE![/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=lucida grande]You guys need to offer health insurance![/FONT][/COLOR]

I use a payroll company, my business apparel guy, commercial insurances spilt between two companies, and i think thats all i can think of for now.

With the exception of the payroll company they are all clients

Off the top of my head.

J **********
Colker Co.
Liberty Lumber
Home Depot
Wal Mart
Pressure Tek
Yellow Pages
Vernon Co.
Scheller Design
Office Max

Home Depo, pressure tek, powerwash.com, local hardware store for deck stain, Lowes.

Dunkin for donuts
Dunkin for coffee
Wawa for Coffee
Starbucks when I’m rich - for coffee
McDonalds when I’m poor - for coffee

Pete’s for the best coffee
Starbucks if my wife is with me
R-Lang Company for screening supplies
Circle Glass for odd Screening items
CR Laurence for Sprayway glass cleaner by the case
Quickbooks for Payroll
Comcast for internet
AT + T for Fax
Verizon for 4 phone lines and Tablet
Kelly Paper for Duplicate (print it yourself 2 part bid forms)
Staples, Office Max, Office Depot for office supplies
Home Depot, Lowes, Orchard Supply, Ace Hardware for buckets, downspout screens and miscellany
TJM Innovations for GuterStuffProFR and GutterStuffFR foam gutter inserts
Four different Insurance companies for Liability, Bond, Auto Ins and Workmans Comp
Kaiser for Health Insurance
Wells Fargo for Banking
Ing for Savings
Valero, shell, Chevron etc for gas
Ladders.com for System one Ladder racks
Amazon for Ladders and other items
Costco for Little Giant ladders (twice per year-best price anywhere)
Sears for Safegrip gloves
WCR for everything else if they carry it

Is that a long enough list?

Insurance Discounts would be really Awesome.

Insurance (group health plan, vehicle, & liability)
Lift rental
Lowes/HD (misc)
Staples (office supplies & computers)
Trade assoc dues
Vehicle maintenance
Safety training (what we cant do in-house)

All of the above plus INSURANCE!
You guys need to offer health insurance!