Over $1000 worth of window cleaning supplies-I purchased from WCR in September 2015 - $300

Hi Everyone,

I live in Northern California, and travel between Fort Bragg,Ca, Santa Rosa area, Vallejo area,and Concord area frequently so if anyone is interested in a screaming deal on unused window cleaning supplies (great for a new start up) I can deliver, In fact I will be on the road at about noon today heading for Concord from Fort Bragg. I also go to Sacramento and Reno Frequently. I got licensed to do business in Nevada and then a family member took ill and I had to relocate to California indefinitely, $325 and like I said I can deliver. Call 707-409-4167 or email joysforjesus@yahoo.com

Here is what I have, I have all invoices with date of purchase, and some extras:

40 pack of huck towels-great on glass
4 quart of glass gleam
Unger big extra wide bucket with lid
Sieve for bucket
Shoe covers (80 left in a pack of 100)
window track brush
Nice screen brush - 10 inch hydro soar flow through
Trigger Sprayer on a belt
Belt Clips
Unger Ergotec SS channels (14 inch, 12 inch, 10 inch, and 6 inch)
T-BAR Ergotec 10 inch and 14 inch size
Monsoon Sleeve 10 and 14 inch sizes
6 Inch Ninja Scraper and Blade Replacements (used 2 blades) Nice Scraper!
Ettore Rubber (12- 6 INCH; 12-12 INCH; 12 - 14 INCH)
30 FT Total (broken into sections) Teleplus Reach poles(also have piece that will allow the duster and the indoor unger kit to fit on the reach poles)
Indoor Window cleaning Kit (pads, washer, smaller pole) UNGER
Smaller extension pole for indoor kit
Super Holster Belt with 3 or 4 belt clips
Ergotec Unger handles x 3
Dark blue plastic Holster
Unger cobweb duster and attachment for it to fit on poles
2 nice size sea sponges
I also have some materials for doing shower door restorations

CALL 707-409-4167 $300 takes all of it

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Hi Skipper, yes it really is. I spent time and effort trying to get this.going and an unexpected family issue forced relocation. Where are.you located