Over the top rinse bar

I have the xero pure system. I just recently purchased a new pole and over the top rinse bar. Iam not getting any pressure out of the rinse bar. It barely trickles out past the brushes and a lot of the time it doesn’t make it that far. When I connect it to the pencil jets it shoots out 6 feet. Is this normal. Iam thinking of digging around in the rinse bar and or boring out the holes. Thanks guys.

boring out the holes will reduce the "“pressure*” try covering some holes with tape or increasing the diameter of your hose or reducing the length of your hose or adding a booster pump.

*pressure is created inside the hose as soon as the water leaves the jet there is no pressure but thre is velocity. with insufficient water volume going to the bar the water will not have velocity. you need to increase the volume of water or reduce the amount of opening (bigger or more jets reduvce the velocity)

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I put a drop of glue in every other hole, it solved the problem of too low pressure and using way too much water.

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Disconnect the supply host to the rinse bar and get your air hose out. Blow into the supply fitting to see if junk comes out. You can also blow the other way, but you may have debris in it. It did wonders for me.

What size hoses/tubing feeds your brush? It can make a difference, you may need to increase it. Or get a pump. I got a pump right off when I got my xero system for the same reasons you describe, just not enough pressure and I didn’t want to go back to archaic pencil and fan jets as the rinse bar approach is so much superior.


Looks like you have to spend more $$$ LOL

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