Owner Operators Vs Owners w Employees

I shoulda said phase one of getting out

was it just the number 5 or something else that really catapulted you out?

How many do you have now Larry?

We run two crews of usually two guys, but you really need a third guy for when the schedule is jam-packed, someone calls in, etc.

I still work on a very rare occasion, but its maybe been 3 or 4 times in the past 5 months.

We are currently at 5, one is moving soon so I’ll be looking to bring someone on in the next month or so to train for fall.

The poll is skewed, Dirk Diggler voted all three ways…
But thats ok, as his name “cuts glass because it’s so razor sharp.”

If you look at the percentages, they’re as follows (as of now):
Owner/Operator: 37.50%
Owner/Employees: 75.00%
Owner/Contractors: 12.50%

That totals 125%. So, does that mean Dirk’s more person than the rest of us? Maybe 25% more to his waistline than our collective waistline? :wink:

I think Dirk voted that way to show that he’s done all 3 before and bounces around the 3 even now, depending on how things are going. Actually, if I actually thought this one through, I’d realize it’s some kind of bug. The poll won’t let me vote again, so it shouldn’t have let Dirk do so…unless Dirk opened three separate tabs for each choice and voted through each tab? Even so, I’d imagine the poll software would have caught the first one and ignored the rest…?

Sorry Dirk, I didn’t realize I’d be making fun of a Master Hacker’s girth. Please don’t wreck my website :eek:

Companies in San Diego never have more work than one single guy can handle?

yes but to be legit and pay 21-25% workers comp most don’t bother plus with 800-1000 wc’s companies in the county beside maid services and handyman most find it difficult to keep a guy for more than a 2 or 3 month busy period.
and there is no gutter season, or mold to wash etc so to keep employees with a 90%+ window cleaning only model it’s tough. Look at All County and others on the forum with multiple employees window cleaning is a part of the business but they have many other services to offer…


@dust. It’s %25 more below the waistline. Little guy. :wink:

Does “owner/contractors” [I]really[/I] mean owners that give 1099 to helpers that are really employees under the law???

If your wondering, yes I am a little bitter coming off another work comp audit and tired of so called legit companies

ha. good job, man… I like you.
I bet you can really work a room. Quick wit goes a long way in life.

I gotcha Brian, thought maybe you meant there was so much competition, it was tough to grow…
Freaked me out for a minute. :eek:

No that is not what I meant. Sorry I should have explained. Some businesses have different business models then others. Because of the reason you stated, some companies don’t ever hire a single employee, but only other companies. For example, I could set up my business to where I only hire other power washing and window cleaning companies in the area to do all of my work and take a small % off the top. There are some big companies in Phoenix that do it this way.

I have also heard of carpet cleaning companies that lease their equipment to their employees and pay the employees a large % of the job rather then pay them hourly. By leasing the equipment to the employee you are legally not providing them with equipment. They are providing their own equipment and you are their leasing company. So they become 1099 contractors legally. Some states are different then others so it might not work in every state. I don’t think a business model makes you less or more of a legit company then any other business. At the end of the day if you can offer a quality service and make money, whatever model makes you the most successfully is the most legit.

I still have good old fashioned employees that I match their taxes!! But I have considered a different business model from time to time.

I was out of the field for 3-4 months. Circumstances have brought me back to the hell of wearing too many hats.

I’ll ride the horse through fall most likey but now that I have a taste of how smoothly things can run, the balance in life I can have and nothing slipping through the cracks I intend to ramp up next March and be out of the field by April 1.

I move slow I’ll admit, but I distain sliding backwards.

So, you wear your pants below the waistline, like at the knees? And you still have to expand the waistband by 25% as compared to our pants? Must be rough shopping for jeans. You could always get something from Dress Barn and pretend you’re wearing a kilt :wink:

And why am I “Little Guy”? Most people just call me “idiot” or “moron”. Sometimes I get elevated to “Goofy”, but that’s usually only from Disney fans. But “little guy”, now that’s going far for calling out my low IQ. I know my brain’s under-powered compared to yours, but jeez… Well, I’ll admit you’re smarter, so please don’t crash my site.

I’m not really funny, I just happen to have a few audience members who are willing to tolerate and humor me. Besides, they’re usually laughing at me, not with me. And I’m not just saying that. My “Oops” moments get more laughter than when I actively try to be funny. Happened just a few nights ago.

Anyway, the really funny people have the best work belts and [URL=“http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/residential-window-cleaning/27754-work-belt-setup-newbies-8.html#post252734”]use the coolest squeegees.

Its s little spread out. Not quite 3 full time. One full time Wc, one full time pressure washer, a floater who is in is early 20s and still not as reliable as I’d like him to be, Then I just brought on another younger guy to flyer and do gutters when the fall picks back up.

for my situation, I still need one more crew leader. They would take my spot in the field completely. As of this year, our pressure washing rig has been staying very busy at night, and I’m basically useless the next day if I go out and work.

next spring should be my full transition… Hopefully

I work with my employees most of the time. Sometimes we split crews and once in awhile (not often enough) I send two out and do something else myself.
I pick from a very small pool of people to find employees and partly for that reason I haven’t settled into a relatively ideal circumstance. I currently have one super good employee and when I absolutely need him to work full-time he will, but he has other pursuits that I highly respect and try not to disrupt. The others are honest and courteous, but don’t have the ambition at this point to step into team leader status.
My main incentive the last few years to carry on is that nobody is going to provide for my family if I don’t walk the walk.
That’s where I’m at- still :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, Dave. Moving across country and starting over will drain your bank account. Life happens, people get injured, people have to take care of an ill relative. The trick is bouncing back and being better than ever.

Nice, Dan. That is where I want to be at soon. I like being in the field soaking up the sunshine and meeting interesting people. I just would rather have help on the job too increase profitability, speed and someone to crack jokes with.

My sentiments for the most part, Jesse.
I’ve found that taking on help doesn’t automatically increase profitability, at least enough to surpass the potential headaches that go along with it.
Some of my biggest issues have been with myself (big surprise!), such as not developing a formal training program and strict systems by which to operate. Also, I can’t get away from the constant fear that if I put my foot down with those who require that, I’ll never get my work accomplished. I’ve got to get past that mental mountain and look at the big picture.

Exactly. We have lost two strong people to a motorcycle accident and needing to take care of a ailing family member. With all life experiences you come out stronger. I just hate seeing the cost of lost opportunity.