OWNERS what role do you play? on the JOB or on the Road?

Thats awesome! So working together all day doesn’t put any strain back at home?

Not at all. We love working together. It’s one of the big benefits of owning a business together.

Besides, I do my work from home and he’s out in the field.

Maybe [MENTION=6064]TJGibson8[/MENTION] will chime in with his perspective.

It’s great having a teammate. It’s hard to have the time/talent/energy to handle every aspect of a business. I remember trying to get a business going by myself in 2005. It was a pretty epic fail. I did learn how to clean windows well, but I didn’t make much of it overall. It’s like the eMyth point: It may be easy to become a skilled technician, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are automatically a skilled business owner. Jennifer completed me (in more ways than one). On the business side of things, we make up one complete business owner who has a lot more time available in the day. It’s good to have a pretty clear division of responsibilities, that way there isn’t too much stepping on each other’s toes :slight_smile:

That is really great. Glad to hear it. E myth is a great book.