Paging Paul Mcquillan - would love to get what I purchased from you

Mr. McQuillan - i have left you messages and emails regarding the service I hired you for. Its been 4 months since I paid you for and I have gotten absolutely nothing but broken promises and repeatedly missed deadlines from you.

I feel like you have no intention of delivering my product or giving me my $500 back.


And another one…

I would never have used Paul but I hate to see these issues among people who share the same trade





WOW!!! makes me glad I chose a different path. I almost hired him some time back. That sucks man

Confused… Back story?

It’s regrettable to see these types of disputes go public. I truly hope that this can come to a favorable conclusion for you both.

What a shame…

It IS regrettable, but many times necessary. We must always conduct ourselves in such a way that we can never be called out in public like this. I hope this is a misunderstanding, but if the original poster is correct, He is right to call out and expose wrong doing.

In these politically correct times being forced upon us, many people are so afraid of being offensive or offended that the truth gets hidden away instead of being brought to the fore


I would of made a paypal claim first

If that no worky, informed paul that i would make a public thread if he didnt’ make it right…

If he didn’t make it right I would then proceed to call him out publicly.

My paypal claim was refused because its been more than 45 days. It took over 30 days to just get a brief phone call. And that took me telling him to send me my money back. He talked me out of it and promised to setup another call. Two weeks later nothing happend, I requested a refund and and he talked me out of it again. And you know what kind of sucker I am? We actually had a call, put a plan together and then nothing! I let him fool me a third time!

He new how long I had to make a claim, and he stretched every single day out to prevent me from being able to dispute it.

Posting this publicly was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. If I was not absolutely certain about his intentions to take my money and run, than I would have kept it to myself. I know and have seen what these internet posts can do to ones reputation. There is no misunderstanding here.

He’s made visits since my last set of emails and phone calls so I know he is alive and lurking about. Wonder what he bought with my money?

Popcorn time

You know what they say… fool me once shame on you … fool me twice… a fool can’t be fooled again.

Probably bought a few copies of Kevin D. book on advertising

To mean??

This is sad. What is wrong with people? It ticks me off to see something like this happen to a stand up guy like Ryan. This sucks, Ryan, I hope you get your money back.

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You mean like right now?

Hard, very hard.