Paging Paul Mcquillan - would love to get what I purchased from you

[B]Let me go on record as saying that I don’t think Paul set out to defraud you.[/B]

He probably had good intentions, and then when the deadline(s) came and went, didn’t know how to handle it. Now he’s probably feeling sheepish, and doesn’t know what to do.

[I]Just say sorry, Paul, give him his money back, and all will be well.[/I]

A small additional peace-making gift wouldn’t hurt, either.

I wouldn’t doubt that.

But coming here, removing your picture and link to your website doesn’t suggest "[I]good [B]current[/B] intentions[/I]."
To me, it suggests- “I’m outta here, and I’m removing what can be traced back to me.”

Whoops, he did all that?

Disappeared, kinda?

Whether he said out to or not, point is he did. Feeling “sheepish” does not excuse stealing $500 from a hardworking small business owner

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Not making excuses for his actions, only defending his intentions.

Until proved wrong.

His website is up and running here:
Successful Cleaning Business

And his facebook page is here:

Still sort of “around” online.

Been there done that and got the t shirt. Then I steped up to the plate and took care of business. **** happens and life goes on. He has been publicly spanked. Now it’s between two people. Let’s move on and welcome him back if he does what is right.

Come on Paul. You are going to ruin your rep on a forum that includes 7,000 window cleaners over $500?

Really? $500. Ugh.

I think this is a perfect (assuming the facts) example of the need for communication with our customers.

We have literally, although very rare, rescheduled people 2 or 3 times in a row but we communicated every time. Now i cant say that they were not irritated but they are still our customers all because we [B]communicated
Communicate Paul and everything will ok. It is kinda ironic that the very person to make a living on helping us communicate to potential customers is not communicating.

Ok i said communicate too much but I think people get the idea

He posted on F.B. this evening. So he is still around. Hope it works out the way it should.

Well, now - a few hours later - it seems like he might have officially deleted his facebook profile.

Nope, its still there, but he has deleted me since I suggested that he check WCR a few hours ago.

I see how it is.

I sent him a message hours ago. Also, contacted him a few weeks ago when an angry woman called WCR looking for info on Paul because he “took money from her”.

Stereotypical steady, systematic decline.

I had the same thing happen last year with Paul. It took calling him out here on the forum to get him to contact me (after trying privately for some time). He gave me a refund. And then I foolishly took him up on another offer at the beginning of this year and have not received anything from him.

I just dropped it, counting myself a fool. I am all for being merciful and patient with someone. But, You reap what you sow. And that is exactly what is happening here. He cannot continue to go around putting himself forth as some marketing guru and then not deliver anything. It is just theft.

What kind of services does (or “did”) Paul offer? I’ve seen him on here a bunch
but don’t know the history.

Some have been banned for less…
just saying

Marketing materials and programs (not software programs). He started off as very blunt and patronizing, but turned over a new leaf in how he communicated on this forum. This was about 2-3 years ago, if I recall.

What the heck is going on these days? So many seem to fall apart when they branch out from window cleaning. Is it really that difficult? Same principles still work when applied.

Yea you nailed it. I am kinda shocked that he has been that successful and not because of what he does as much as the way he sometimes presented himself.

I read 600hr so I’m good but I do truly wish Paul the best.