Paid SEO help?

Does anyone have anybody they can recommend for some paid SEO help? It’s something I really haven’t utilized as much as I should, and we have a pretty good website that would probably do very well if it were placed correctly. It’s wordpress, but it’s a custom layout.

I know very little about it, or how to apply it to our site in particular. If anyone can recommend someone to shoot an email to, please do.

PS: I’d prefer not to work with Doug M :wink:

Have you installed the SEO platinum pack plugin? Quick easy and free

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Off site SEO. Email me and I will send you the link. I can’t let my competitors see my greatest secret! I rank #1 for all my keyworks and can’t be touched!!

Put your website in your signture. It will help with SEO.

Some simple things you can do to improve seo

have links to your page from this forum (use a signature)
write a blog title your blogs properly "window cleaning your town"
make sure your page titles are relevant ie “window cleaning your town” “pressure washing your town” etc (Google likes this)

By just doing these few simple things I have the number 1 or 2 listing on Google for my market.

I kinda thought JWebb was the resident ‘go to guy’ here…

For SEO??

I thought he did. Guess I could be wrong. :o
I never used him, just remembered people talking about it.

Maybe he just does the site, itself…

I believe Chris Cartwright does some web work as well, if he’s smart he’ll at least look over your site and give you a free consultation… :slight_smile:

You guys are great, thanks for the feedback.

I’d take the guy’s advise from surface solutions…I’ve done exactly what he’s prescribed and am on page 2 the first 11 days of even having a website…If you have an hour a week to do some research on the subject you could save yourself a ton of money too. The techniques are not as arcane as one might think :slight_smile:

Window Cleaners - Window Cleaning Riverside - Corona

Where does you site sit now on google?

I can also help if you need it. I don’t advertise it, but I know quite a bit about it. I have a website a made describing services if you are interested. I didn’t want to step on Doug’s area on the site. So pm me if you would like a link to check out services.

**** Doug! Post your link.

Doug Has been banned from this site and will not be returning. So if there are others who know about SEO then by all means please say so.

However, because Doug screwed a lot of people over (I’m not one of them; he did great work for me, albeit not SEO work though) I don’t think anyone will get WCR to lend its support behind any SEO service. And I don’t think you can try to use this forum to advertise your service.

That being said, I don’t see why you cant PM people who ask about this service or even mention your talents/service on the forum in response to a specific SEO question.

I think once we all know who the new SEO people are here, we will all refer others to them.

The days of marketing your SEO skills on WCR are over because of the great Doug debacle.

This is my understanding of the situation though. Hopefully a Mod or Chris/Alex will chime in.

Sorta why I never said anything. Out of respect for Chris and Alex. I have also been burned by 3 people claiming to be experts years ago and it left a really nasty impression on me.

I have a great idea. Why dont you get with Chris and Alex and offer your service at a discounted price to ONLY WCRA members. That could be another perk for joining WCRA. I think that could work out pretty good for you and WCRA!

Hummmm… I wouldn’t approach them, but if they ever considered the idea I would be open to listening…

I’m just a guy who got tired of being burned, not an expert by a long shot.

I believe Mark knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. I have seen his sites… But Im not really looking to get the WCR name attached to any SEO services. The Doug debacle was bad enough, we lost a lot of members over that. It was implied in some peoples minds that WCR endorsed Doug… Maybe we did by allowing him to conduct business in here… Heck I used him to and he never delivered…

I would recommend contacting Mark privately for any SEO related stuff… Everyone loves free seo advice though so feel free to talk about it as mucha s you want. Just handle any transactions privately…


Much appreciated Chris, I know WCR wouldn’t want to be involved with that issue. It’s a headache you guys don’t need. I am not going to advertise it on here, but I appreciate the kind words.

This is still good though because when I come across someone on the forum who is in need (and asking) for help with SEO work, I will know who to refer them to now.

Even though WCR has no connection with it, we can all still help other forum members out by pointing them in the proper directions.