Part Time Work in Cincinnati?

Hello!! I’m not even sure where to start with this!

I just created an account today after hearing about this forum through my boss (AKA, older brother), and it sounded like a good place to reach out about some thoughts I’ve been having regarding work this coming year.

Long story short, I’ve been helping my brother wash windows up here in South Dakota for about two years now, “two years” being defined as the spring and summer window washing season these past two years, which has included both commercial and residential work, both of which have also given some experience with pole, and just a tad, little bit of WFP, work.

I’ll be attending a 9 month school in Milford, Ohio (the place I’ll actually be staying is more in the Batavia area) from mid August 2022 to mid May 2023, during which I plan on working, but with my life experience of living and working on a farm, washing windows, and not ever really having a 9-5 style of job, being able to wash windows and do something I’m familiar with and enjoy during my time in Cincinnati, instead of working at Lowes or something like that, would be absolutely amazing.

That being said, I know 9 months isn’t a long time, and as of now it looks like a flexible 10-15 hours a week is what I’d need and be able to do (depending on what the income and scheduling would look like), and the hours I’d be available to work would be predominantly in the afternoons after class is out. My academic calendar is also pretty much set in stone, so anyone who might be willing to employ me would know in advance the general days when I would and wouldn’t be able to work.

I’m hoping to be able to find work in the next 3 weeks before classes start, and window washing is my first choice right now, but I’m at a bit of a loss of knowing where and how to look for possible jobs washing windows– or if anyone would even be able to hire part time work from someone in my situation.

Anyways, any advice or help you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!