Passive & active marketing - hit a homerun

Inspired by another post I thought I would write to show the limitations of flyering as just one major strategy, and as a passive form of marketing.

I’m sure fliering has it’s place. You can’t beat it for reaching a large area quickly. And getting your name out there. And you need to send it out over the same area several times for people to build trust in our brand and our product. Since repetition makes people trust names, that’s why you hear the same commercial over and over on the radio, and then when you go to the store, you automatically trust that brand name over the no name, possibly for no reason at all, except the repetition of the ad built your trust in the brand. So of course fliering has unmistakeable benefits. The drawbacks are the cost, small but still a cost. The time spent in designing it. The risk you take when you send a kid to deliver fliers and you hope he didn’t throw them all in the garbage. And the effectiveness (less than 1 percent usually).

I think flyering is just one tool in our arsenal. And perhaps we ignore something time consuming but powerful in getting customers, active marketing. That’s what Beautiful view did, he called the customers after flyering, (excellent strategy), he was active in getting his message out, not just waiting for jobs to come to him.

People are lazy, they are overloaded with fliers and information that they just throw and chuck. They are bombarded by messages so they may not read your message. So stop waiting for customers to come to you, do active marketing, [B]go[/B] to them.

The advantage with active marketing is that when you are talking to the decision maker, often they feel they must make a decision immediately, and often that answer is yes. You go once to a house, and offer your services and the person may say yes, they will use your services. As opposed to fliering many times with little or no response. When you do active marketing, usually the person recognizes that you are marketing to them, they get the message, and often they make a quick decision in your favour. Often you get more results that way.

So, Call customers, canvass, yes do door to door (where not prohibited), plan referral networking. When we use passive marketing along with active marketing you will get better, possibly amazing results.

[COLOR=Blue]Good thoughts Mike! Thanks for sharing that.[/COLOR]

Glad to hear that. Thanks

Yes, you have to get in their face, so to speak. Sometimes I’ve even had some potential clients ask me to keep calling them and reminding them from time to time to make a decision.

Now what inspired this post I wonder :wink:

I hate [U]any[/U] passive marketing, but there can be some money made there (YP ad, car decals, website… whatever)

I think we should do both but, heavy with the aggressive. There are way more people not looking to get their windows cleaned, than those who are. Some of us are literally missing out on 10s of thousands of dollars a year sitting on our thumbs waiting for the phone to ring, or a email to arrive.

I may ad up tonight all the customers I have gained from each, but likely it will not even be in the same universe.

Be pro-active. I don’t give a hoot what form of marketing you are doing. You have the ability to make people say “hmm, window cleaning. They are looking a little crappy. Why not”

Of course it helps if you can answer all of the “why nots” they may have in the ad.

It is a falsity to say that we need to flier many times for some kind of brand recognition. I am averaging a 4 1/2% response with no name or website on my fliers.

IT IS THE OFFER! but, do as you see fit.

CFP, I am intrigued by your no-name strategy.

Did a ‘no-name’ out-pull a ‘company name’ flier in some split-testing you did?

I would love to know this, and I will split-test my next flier pronto if it did…

What active marketing do you do? I realize you do a lot of flyering which is I consider not the most passive form of marketing, but not really active marketing either. What active things you do, telemarketing, canvassing, networking?

I have been told by many clients that the reason they picked me was i was aggressive in getting their business. They liked that, particularly in a young guy starting out with his own biz, up against guys that have all the jobs in town pretty much.
Its tough to be aggressive, it takes work, discipline, but the payoffs are huge in time!

Eric, I admire your tenacity in sticking it out in a small market with a ton of competition. Agressively getting new jobs is where it’s at, you can’t wait for jobs to come to you, or people to call you.

you know, just like the next guy i have days where i get frustrated and then i start to slack in my canvassing and such…but when i do it always pays off…if not right away, very shortly after.

Yikes, sorry I missed this. This flier with no name did out-pull the logo flier, however… the no name flier was put in a cherry area where I get a lot of business. The other in an area I do ok with. I did get 7% off of that flier in the cherry, but was it because of the lack of name? I don’t know yet. Hopefully it was the layout of the offer.

I still create ads with my company name and ads that don’t. It really depends on if I have something that will add to it. Company names are NOT flier killers… Company name at the top of the flier, not good.


Would be fascinating to have a genuine, scientific split-test on that, one day.

Thx for the reply.

I will do one in the spring and post it. Now is not a good time to test anything… but the ice.