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what type of computer protection do you guys use,my pc has been getting screwy lately and I took it in to Staples to get fixed and they recomended Norton anti/virus I did not spend the exta $ on it,that was last week and it is already getting screwy again:mad: since we use our pc for business what do you guys recomend to


I do the Norton thing too

I have the Norton SystemWorks suite installed (utilities, cleanup, GoBack, etc.)

Also part of SystemWorks is Norton Internet Security and Anti-Virus. It provides daily definition updates and I run a scheduled full system scan weekly. Phishing and spyware protection is provided, along with incoming and outgoing email scanning.

Over the years, I have used SpyBot Seek and Destroy for spyware detection and removal, but I dislike the performance hit.

I like http://free.avg.com/

Its free and runs a bit lighter than Norton. Ive had grief with norton over the years, I feel like it can take up unnecessary amounts of resources. I heard the new version was better though.

We use AVG
a friend of mine who is an awesome computer Guru, states that Norton has created lots of work for him, so not so good for the consumer though.

The best thing to do is go and get a router, with a built in firewall, and they start at about $35 and up. Even if you only have one computer, it is a phisical block in between your internet connection and the web. Easy to set up as well.

Then run AVG. If you have the bucks then go for the paid version and they also have spy bot and related software killers.

Norton is a virus in itself. I’ve been through a few anti-virus programs - Norton being the worse for slowing down your computer. AVG is the simplest, easiest & most straight forward to use so far. I’ve tried the Russian ones, Panda, Mcafee & a host of others, I’ve always come back to AVG.

Ummmmm…I have a Mac. No anti-virus needed really.

I’ll recommend Kaspersky’s or NOD32 both of the best so far.
Used to work (6yrs ago) as a PC tech and Norton made my work for my salary, POS if you ask me, and expensive too.

Read on some forums like you do here about WC and you’ll see what are the best products around.

Happy 2009 and be safe.

Yea I heard nod32 was good… How much does that cost?


I use CA internet security. I have been using it for yrs. A friend of mine that works in the computer field for that last 20 yrs. Turned me on to it. He said that Norton blows. Here is the link below


throw your computer away and purchase a virus free Mac. had mine for over 2 years and not one single viral issue

pc= poorly constructed

Been working with Macs since 1992. Zero viruses.

In some of my Tool Talk videos you can see my first Mac computer up on a shelf. A Mac IICI. It still works. When it was introduced in 1989, it sold for $8900. :eek: A lot of money for 25Mhz and 8 megs of ram. LOL

I noticed it Mark…I had a Commodore 64 in them days :o

Woo! you’re my hero!!!

You should have seen me Matt back in the late 90’s with that slow computer and a 14.4 modem trying to surf the net. What a laugh. :smiley: but still…no viruses!

My cousin had a commodore 64. Oh my god what we had to go through just to get it to play some crudely designed games. LOL.

I know the post was old but I figured I would share a story. I use Symantec Antivirus 10. Only!. I tried newer versions and found them to hog up resources like crazy and slow the machine down. I just use the virus protection, nothing more. I use my XP builtin firewall NAT on my wireless router along with wep security along with mac verification. If you can get in my network, you can have all the porn you want off my computer lol. Anyway when I first got into the military we had a virus outbreak on a network with over 7000 systems state wide. The virus started in a building across the street, infected 200 + systems to include servers. By the time we were able to disconnect the building every machine was toast. Symantec had a fix in 18 hours. McACrap took 2 days. That’s when my state mandated Symantec on the network only.