PDF editor for mac

Does anyone know of a good PDF editor for mac? I bought one from the app store and cant figure out how to write on a PDF with it

Its called “PDF Editor” and the logo is a blue transparent folder. If you search “PDF Editor” in the app store it is the first one to come up.

All i need to do is write on a PDF, does anyone know how to use this program, or know of one that does work?

From my limited experience a PDF is a locked document. In my case I would write a document in Word and then save it as a PDF so that it can not be changed. You can allow certain permissions when you convert a document to a PDF like allowing it to be copied etc.

You cannot edit the document, but you can write on top of it.

My PC has a program called “Nitro PDF Reader” and it is not available for mac.

I do not want to edit the document, just use it to fill in invoices etc.

Photoshop works in a pinch