Pergolas / Arbors

This is how I learned how to do windows above pergolas, with a sheet of plywood under the step, but it was scary because the whole thing sways. No wfp here. I’m generally not scared on ladders, but this had me on my toes, especially in the wind.

Any other trad methods you guys employ?


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Oh, wow. I would never set up a ladder on top of something like that. I’d pole them or just open the window and do it from the inside.

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I had to get up on there either way to hit some ‘transom’ style windows either way. I’ve done this before on a steel lattice type thing, but found this a bit more unnerving.

I’m up bright and early, and jonesing to work, but alas… more rain.

I do it the same way. I have a few I do through out the year. For the most part they are anchored into the home and are really safe. Minus the one that is made out of vinyl and just sits on top of concrete. That thing sways back and forth.

Yep, tired of the rain, but I’ll still be out today. I’m doing my dealerships up on Longmont. I will be at Longmont Ford and Frontier Honda. Hit me up if you have nothing better to do.

for a few hundred $$ u can get a small DI unit and even use your current alloy pole to wfp.
But a step ladder on a a pergola seems nuts to me tbh

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I have a WFP and I end still going up there on them. I even take my WFP up on one of the pergolas. It really isn’t that bad. Better than when I worked in construction, when I was a framer. I had to be up on a 6x6 inch beam 30 feet above concrete. A crane would lower trusses to me, I would bear hug them, lift them up, and walked them into position. Also, I was not tethered anything. Now that was nuts!

from the inside…

Did that for 2 yrs, You really learn “spacial awareness.”


Scratch that, my wife talked me out of working today. @walkthruglass, but it would be cool to meet up with you one of these days!

For sure! I may goof around with some indoor golf down in Denver. I was going to do some louisville restaurants and a house, but the house rescheduled and most of my accounts don’t like having their glass done in the rain.

Yeah the salesmen at Ford always give me a hard time when I come there in the rain.