Pet store cleaning

Ok call me a wimp but I really get creep out every time I have to clean the other side of these glass doors

I know one day the annoconda is going to be waiting from the ceiling an choke me out. Or the rats are going to jump on me.


wow… id love that…

id be checking out the animals…

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Eh, the rats are fine. They’re cute.

Snakes not so much.

Suck it up and have some coffee.


Once I get in ther, an have to close those doors to clean them. There is no human alive that can clean those doors faster
If they look clean I keep walking :grinning:

Heebie geebies!!!


I was cleaning at an animal hospital once and one of the rooms they asked me to go in and clean had a cat in it that jumped on my back. I never knew it was there. Nearly had a heart attack!

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