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Good morning.

So I am about 8 months in to my business and I’ve been using google voice as a business phone number during this time.

I have that number for my google my business listing, postcards I made in the summer, and the back of my logo’d shirts.

However a customer I’ve serviced wants me to leave a lawn sign on her lawn (I guess they like me lol) so I am looking to make some of those signs as well as business cards because everytime I’m out and see dirty windows I mention if they would like their windows cleaned so leaving a business card would be ideal.

Basically should I make these signs and cards with my google voice still or transition into a legitimate phone service provider.

The thing is it looks like I would have to be paying at least $20 a month for a phone provider.

Either I switch over my number now or use google voice still for at least another 1-2 years.

Anyone can recommend some good low price phone providers?

These same basic instructions should work for porting you GV # out to any other carrier.

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Thanks! I didn’t even know you could do that.

check to make sure lawn signs are legal in your area. here they are not, ANYWHERE and it is the homeowner that is fined if it is on their property

$20 / month for a phone provider is freakin’ cheap…I’d do that.

So when I port out my google voice number I can then take that number to any business phone provider like Jive, Ringcentral, or anyone else?

Ringcentral gave me a quote of $39 a month after taxes if I sign a year contract lol

I can’t make any promises, since I’ve only ever ported a phone number from one cell carrier to another, and have never used google voice.

But yeah, any phone provider that allows you to port in your own number, should be able to take your GV # once it’s unlocked for porting. I would ask someone before signing up with a new provider, though.

I am so simple - I have a phone with voicemail that I pay for, messages go to voicemail, when I finish the task at hand I call back and make an appointment.


I pay $13 a month for a SmartLine by GoDaddy that is an app on my cell under a different phone number and provides texting, voicemails, setting business hour availability, etc. Its been useful.

Ive had Ringcentral for years. Great service.

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Same here :slightly_smiling_face: