Photo needed

Hey guys,

Does anyone have a before and after photo I could [I]temporarily[/I] use on my website until I take my own. I’d like a before and after of a hard surface like a drive way or concrete or something. I’m not servicing wooden decks. I added this service today. I’d like to start advertising ASAP.
I’d really appreciate it.

google image or yahoo image that thing

I think I have a couple that you could use. PM me your email addy.

Here ya go if you haven’t received any yet. Hope these are acceptable.

Go to my website and click on the powerwashing link on the left. There are a few pics. Nothing to fancy. Not like Seth’s pic though. He is the Powewashing PimP!

Thanks Seth and to the rest of you.
Yeah, I found a good deal on a cold water pressure washer yesterday that I couldn’t pass up on. So now I’m back in the PW’ing business again.

What equipment are you using to clean the surfaces?