Photo Shop Help

Is there anyone here that is super pro at photo shop? I was looking for someone to put a graphic together for our first ever full page American Window Cleaner ad. What I want to do is kinda tricky and I don’t really have the ability to pull it off myself. I would find someway to repay you.

Chris are you looking for a new graphic or do you have stuff in place. I am pretty skilled with that program. I can help in some places but I dont have the time to fully create a new graphic. My guy is out doing a couple jobs today and I took the day off to go fishing. lol. I will be back later tonight arouund 6pm. if you wanted to shoot me some more detail on what you are looking to do I might be able to help. Also my guy told me the other day he used to work for a graphics house. Of course I was happy to hear it and told him I might use him for some work. I dont know how good he is but if I can’t pull it off maybe he can. As far as pay. LOL for me, you owe nothing. You have helped me enough. If my guy ends up being the one who get’s it done. I’ll talk to him about pay.

Ok Cool… Im not sure exactly what im going to need just yet… I will know by early next week. I will email you the details once I find out for sure…

Thanks man!

I rumbled this up for you. Any other help you need - just ask. No really, don’t thank me…

Karl, you are too funny!

I’m halfway decent in photoshop Chris, I’d be happy to help however I can.

Oh thats too funny. I like it.

Ahh yes…i didn’t realize your hidden skills Karl! Your a regular Picasso:D

I am quite impressed :smiley:

I would be willing to help also if need be I am not as good with stick men though but photoshop I am ok with.


I loves me some CVB!

I saw them with 10K Maniacs at Tulane.
I had met Natalie in the French Quarter that afternoon before the show.
Cute girl.
Good show.

Nice hijack.

ALEX, give me a call!!! Ya know I be da best yo at dat photoshoping skilz

They’re playing two shows this weekend, but both are farther than I want to travel.

CVB and Cracker are always a good time!

I’ve seen an ad Matt did for somebody and I have to say it was very, very well done.

Should I post it up Doug?

I would for sure, yeah!

It’s a bit artsy.
Oh, and by the way, Doug’s the man!

Matt - you’ve got some mad design skills, my friend.


Matt - you should do a rock poster - for a “window cleaner coming to a home near you soon” I’d buy it! …nearly sold out!!!

Infact do one for Chris for the AWC mag & I’m sure you’d get the Ad’ in - using the chosen slogan.