I found a door hanger file that I’d like to use but it’s in Photoshop format. Is there anyway I can edit this without Photoshop? If not, I found a version of Photoshop Elements 12 for like $60, which I can afford, but will it work to edit the files from WCRA? I’m a bit slow when it comes to graphic editing so any help would be appreciated!

P.S. What version of Photoshop do you use?

[MENTION=7405]cusecleaner[/MENTION] Hi Daniel! Another option is our edit service–our graphic designer can edit the door hanger for you and fill in whatever information you want on it. She does excellent work (and no, I am not just saying that because I work with her!) See more information here: Standard Edit Service

And just so you know all files are completely editable. Most of the marketing material is done in Adobe Photoshop format so it is recommend that you purchase Photoshop but lot of our members have had a lot of luck with Photoshop Elements also. See if there is a free trial? Some customers have even had luck with a program called GIMP which is actually free. We cannot 100% guarantee that it will work though so that could be a gamble.

Hopefully this helps. Any more questions feel free to send me an email:

We use the subscription based Photoshop through $20/month and free updates.

I think you can use to edit .PSD files. It’s a free online editor.

I use Elements and it work fine

99% of the time it will…

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] So far the only thing ive noticed is it has to do the whole RGB thing

I use gimp on Linux. A Windows version is available also. It’s free.

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Any luck working in the CMYK color scheme?

I’m by no means an image expert and tend to use gimp for basic tasks but I’m pretty sure it can handle almost all that Photoshop does.

The Windows and Linux versions might be different of course. (I’m assuming most people here don’t use Linux).

I bet there’s some YouTube videos of how gimp handles CMYK.

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